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The power of green marketing

If you haven’t taken green business practices seriously yet, it’s time. Today’s consumers don’t just hope that your business is environmentally responsible – they expect it. You’re wise to pay attention to this when planning your marketing efforts.

Here are a few feasible ways to integrate green marketing approaches:

  • Do business with local suppliers.
  • Look for suppliers that use solar energy.
  • Choose a printer that uses local paper sources.
  • Ask for environmentally friendly inks.
  • Reformat your marketing pieces to use less paper.
  • Tighten up your mailing lists.
  • Increase the percentage of recycled paper in your mailings.
  • Plan virtual meetings instead of traveling.
  • Use your website as a green marketing tool and a way to keep customers updated about your sustainable business practices. Share links on your site that will encourage customers to join you in environmentally friendly efforts.

Along the way, be sure to communicate with the public about how your company is walking the green walk. Good business is green business.

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One step at a time

by Nattana Johnson, owner, MGC

I know it sounds very cliche, but we all need a little inspiration now and again–and like this adventurer, we can make a difference (without the extreme sun exposure).  Here are three little ideas that could make big differences, but first take a moment for some inspiration.

Roz Savage rows to spread awareness

1 – Packaging – Did you know that 10% of environmental impact is from packaging? Sadly, 30% of food sold in developed countries such as the US is thrown out before it is even touched. The waste is astronomical. What can you do? Think about the packaging of your product. You might be able to redesign it to have less waste, less material and take up less room…saving considerable resources. We can also help you choose appropriate materials that are easily recycled or come from recycled products.

2 – Envelope re-design – This is so basic, yet so smart, and it will save you money instantly. The typical #10 envelope is poorly utilized, often 100% trashed. We should look at the items we send in envelopes. Can billing be self-contained, to be designed as a self mailer? This can save you from using an envelope at all. What about the ability to send things digitally or pay bills online, rather than sending a check and using the envelope.  Or can we use an envelope that can then be used as a return envelope as well?  Think about self-mailers. Lastly, can you reuse envelopes if they were designed to be part of something, such as an entry form?

3 – Bigger, bolder, brighter is not always better. We try and convince clients that a blinking light on your website is not a good idea (they do not always listen), and the same is true in print, if you are creating a brochure, poster, book, whatever it may be. Hire someone who specializes in page layout who can creatively organize the information to use fewer pages, smaller sheets, and, in the end, less paper and less ink. If done creatively, this can be more effective. In Europe they often use the mini-brochure, and people then can put it in a wallet – easier to carry, easier to remember. Think about the end result. Sometimes less info is more as well. Telling someone too much might simply confuse them.

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Fax digitally, save resources

by Nattana Johnson, owner, MGC

How many faxes do you get that you end up putting straight into the recycle bin? Half? I bet many, and wouldn’t it be nice to have that information at your fingertips, ready to grab when sitting at your computer, rather than sorting through the cluttter on your desk to locate it.

Digital fax services will not only save paper, but can be more convenient and less expensive, as well.

My husband is a realtor who works from home and sends and receives very large documents via the fax. When using the digital fax, he not only saved paper and ink, but it was easier to manage the many versions of contracts by filing them on his computer. And as long as you back up your data on your computer, you have a good clean record that is easily forwarded, printed, re-faxed etc…at the click of your keyboard. No more hassles with sorting through file boxes from years ago that might be stored in a dark, dingy basement.

Don’t wait, it just makes sense. Sign up and make it your Earth Day commitment – save money, save resources and get organized.

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