Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR review: A wealth of features for a very fair price (2024)

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    Fantastic captive portal options

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    Outstanding cloud management features


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    Gigabit Ethernet port limits max speeds

If you’re into software-defined networking, then Ubiquiti Networks has plenty to offer, including two very affordable Wi-Fi 6 access points. The entry-level model is the AX1800-rated UniFi U6-Lite, priced at just £81, but here we’ve tested the top-dog U6-LR. At £159 it’s almost twice the price, but it’s still well within reach of an SMB budget, and the extra money gets you a speedy AX3000 rating. Unusually, the U6-LR also supports the high-performance 160MHz channel width, which improves bandwidth and penetration for compatible clients.

That’s all part of the promise: the “LR” stands for “long range”, and though you can’t see them, the U6-LR features downward-tilting internal aerials that aim to offer improved coverage. As for speeds, the 2.4GHz radio bandwidth is pegged at 600Mbits/sec, while the 5GHz radio supports a far faster 2,400Mbits/sec.

Everything about the U6-LR oozes class, from the great build quality to the mounting kit in the box, which includes all the tools you need – even the template card has a built-in spirit level. Nor can we argue with Ubiquiti’s classy cloud management platform. To use it, you’ll need a local UniFi Network Controller (UNC) for each site, but the software is available as a free download for Windows, macOS and Linux – or you can use the UniFi Dream Machine Pro appliance (£297), which teams up wireless network management with gateway security services.

The cloud portal shows all available UNCs registered to your account, and selecting one takes you to its management console, from whence you can create site SSIDs that will be pushed out to all managed APs. There are options for guest networks, and outstanding captive portal features which let you customise the landing page, decide which radios and AP groups can be used and implement authorisation via voucher, card payment, RADIUS, Google, Facebook or WeChat.

We found the whole system worked seamlessly. After hooking up the U6-LR to our Ubiquiti USW-Pro-24-PoE switch and adopting it in the UNC console, it immediately received a firmware upgrade, then started presenting our predefined SSIDs.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR review: A wealth of features for a very fair price (1)

The console’s informative dashboard shows the most active clients and apps, along with details of client device types and a rolling graph of wireless experience scores. The latter can show scores for specific APs, broken down into 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios, and the whole dashboard can be set to daily, weekly or monthly views.

The U6-LR itself is managed from the UniFi devices page, which shows details such as associated clients and channel utilisation and even lets you choose a colour for the AP’s LED ring, as well as selecting between 80MHz and 160MHz channels.

For performance testing, we used a Windows 10 Pro workstation with a TP-Link Archer TX3000E Wi-Fi 6 PCI-E adapter. This supports 160MHz channels, but we started out with the AP set to an 80MHz width. In this configuration, our copies of a 25GB test file between the workstation and a server on our LAN were completed at an average rate of 105MB/sec.

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Enabling 160MHz channels improved things to 111MB/sec; we might have expected to see a bigger leap, but Ubiquiti has seen fit to equip this AP only with a Gigabit Ethernet port, meaning this is about the highest speed it can handle. That’s a shame, as there’s likely more performance potential here that you simply won’t be able to access.

Still, speed isn’t the only benefit of the 160MHz setting. It also helps overcome interference and obstacles, and when we moved the AP ten metres away from the workstation and into an adjoining room, our copies still completed at a very creditable 105MB/sec; swapping back to the 80MHz channel mode saw this fall to 93MB/sec.

It would have been nice to see a 2.5GbE port, but the U6-LR remains a fast Wi-Fi 6 AP with good range. It offers a wealth of features for a very fair price, and Ubiquiti’s UniFi cloud management services are among the best in town.

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR specifications

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Band supportAX3000 dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11ax
Radios4 x 4 MU-MIMO, internal aerials
PortsGigabit LAN/802.3at PoE+
Additional featuresCeiling/wall mounting kit
Dimensions (WDH)220 x 220 x 48mm

Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR review: A wealth of features for a very fair price (2)

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Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR review: A wealth of features for a very fair price (2024)


Ubiquiti Networks UniFi U6-LR review: A wealth of features for a very fair price? ›

Everything about the U6-LR oozes class, from the great build quality to the mounting kit in the box, which includes all the tools you need – even the template card has a built-in spirit level. Nor can we argue with Ubiquiti's classy cloud management platform.

What is so good about Ubiquiti? ›

Seamless deployment of Wireless and Wired infrastructure

Great supplier and product, allows me to effectively manage my Wi-fi infrastructure remotely.

What is the issue with UniFi U6 Pro? ›

A limited batch of U6 Pros manufactured between June and August 2022 are incompatible with Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) Ethernet cables. Use of these cables may lead to your AP experiencing consistent rebooting or inability to power on.

What is the range on UniFi LR? ›

The UAP-LR has a longer range than the base model UAP with a range of up to 183 m (600 ft). It also offers 802.11n MIMO, with speeds of up to 300 Mbps.

What is the throughput of UniFi U6-LR? ›

Throughput Speed: 2.4GHz: 600 Mbps. 5GHz: 2,400 Mbps.

Why Ubiquiti networks is so controversial? ›

Open-source licensing compliance

In 2015, Ubiquiti was accused of violating the terms of the GPL license for open-source code used in their products.

What are the disadvantages of Ubiquiti? ›

This product has issues with scalability and ease of manageability at scale. Security also needs to be improved, when compared to its competitors. Ubiquiti Wireless doesn't have any support that you can call. They only have an online portal where you can access support documentation, but it's not great.

What happened with Ubiquiti? ›

Ubiquiti missed badly with its first quarter of fiscal 2024

This was down from the more than $498 million in the same period a year ago. Adjusted net income also declined, slipping to $88.9 million ($1.47 per share) from the first quarter 2023 profit of $94 million.

What is the difference between Ubiquiti UniFi U6 Lite and Ubiquiti UniFi U6 Pro? ›

The U6-Lite has an older 2.4 GHz radio, meaning it doesn't deliver the benefits of Wi-Fi 6 for 2.4 GHz clients. The U6-Lite is an AX1500 class AP, with an 802.11n-era 2.4 GHz radio and a 5 GHz radio that tops out at 80 MHz channel width. The U6-Lite doesn't support 160 MHz channels, unlike the U6-LR, Pro, and Mesh.

Does UniFi replace router? ›

With the FREE router replacement, your unifi contract will be renewed to 12 months or 24 months depending on the following scenarios: II. Alternatively, if you do not wish for your contract to be renewed, you may purchase the router with a one- off payment at RM188. 68.

How far is ubiquiti long range? ›

New UniFi Access Point Comparison
2.4 GHz Throughput450 Mbps600 Mbps
5 GHz Throughput1300 Mbps2400 Mbps
Range122 m183 m
Powering Options802.3af (48V) only802.3at (48V) only
1 more row

How do I increase my UniFi range? ›

The standard way to increase network coverage may be:
  • Strengthen transmission power if possible,
  • Add signal amplifiers at optimal points,
  • Add an another AP or a point in the network with a mesh-like topology.

How far do Ubiquiti access points reach? ›

UniFi Product Comparison:
UniFi AP-ProUniFi AP-AC Outdoor
Range*122 m (400 ft)183 m (600 ft)
Secondary Ethernet Port
Gigabit Ethernet
Wi-Fi Standards802.11 a/b/g/n
14 more rows

How many devices can connect to U6-LR? ›

Acess point U6-LR can support up to 300 different client connections simultaneously.

What is the minimum controller version for Unifi U6 LR? ›

According to the product info, the U6-Lite-US requires minimum controller version 5.14. 3. The U6-LR-US requires 6.0.

What is the max transmit power of ubiquiti? ›

Both of them have maximum 2.4 GHz transmit power at 15/18 dBm. There are many old UAPs and UAP-LRs in this site and theirs max at 23/26 dBm and 28/31 dBm respectively.

Is Ubiquiti better than Cisco? ›

If your business demands advanced features, scalability, and comprehensive support, Cisco Networking is likely to be the better choice. However, if budget constraints and basic networking requirements are your priority, Ubiquiti can provide a cost-effective solution.

Why buy Ubiquiti? ›

A Ubiquiti router will provide you with the latest and greatest in wifi technology to provide you with fast speed and secure your network. Ubiquiti networks provide many different types of access points, from traditional ones to long-range access points, wireless bridges, routers and more.

What's the difference between UniFi and Ubiquiti? ›

What Is UniFi? UniFi is Ubiquiti's line of networking equipment with different models of wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controller appliances, VoIP phones, and access control products. UniFi equipment exists somewhere between enterprise and cheap home networking gear.

What is the purpose of Ubiquiti gateway? ›

The UniFi Security Gateway can create virtual network segments for security and network traffic management. A site‑to‑site VPN secures and encrypts private data communications traveling over the Internet.

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