The St. Louis Star and Times from St. Louis, Missouri (2024)

ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES NINETEEN ST.LOUIS STAR-TIMES MOXDAT ETEXIXG, AUGUST 2, 1937. ANNOUNCEMENTS Ml VITAL STATISTICS MERCHANDISE HELP WANTED Obituaries ADDITIONAL MARKET NEWS Miss Margaret Nolan. Miss Margaret Nolan. 48. of 4452 Mcpherson avenue, who died Saturday, will tx buried tomorrow In Calvary Cemetery followina services st 9 30 a m.

at St. Electric Refrigerators COPE LAN 3 SCHAAB S. SOUTH BROADWAT Open Eveaingt Except VTednesday Washing Machines WASHERS Apex. $3: Prima, 19.50. A.

MaytaglS 4119Gravois. ASHING MAC HINFs an4 electric IranrrC Leading awakes- Ftawr aaaaples: slirbtlv aaarred. At real redaced prices. MEEII ELECTRIC. 3407 S.

Jefferaaa at Cberokea Typewriters SALES All aaakeCTTj fOST NatlenaL C9 Pie. GA. TTIJ. Fa ns ELECTRIC FANS. Urge siiev 2-inrh S-V-incb: flwor saaastles, at bargain prtres.

MLEHAN ELECTRIC. Sl7 Sth Jeffer-soai al Cberekee. Open eveainga. FINANCIAL Business Opportunities ICE CREAM -CANDY STORE Light latches: eowippea for snaking awn are ereaiw and candy: gal bay far cask. GR.

J7. SALE0r" LEASE Reat'epsMTrtanlly av-rrn. garage, filling alalxa; til bealta. rhae Jllien 588. TA ERN rU-estabUbca; eeaaplele re.

frigeraliea: aaerifire eairkaale. P. 837. FOR SALE or trace for brick bungalow in Carondelet; confectionery and grocery doing good buMnesrs lsrji Lynch. GROCERY, restaurant, cabins, filling ata-tion.

on 3 high a vs. 4854 Btrcher, CO. 7115. Loans on Personal Property NO MORTGAGES. NO ENDORSERS NO WAGE ASSIGNMENTS Plain note leans aaade ta singta persons and married looples with-oat martgages.

We also saaka aerarrd loans aa chattel mort-fa*ges. MONTHLY IXTERESX ON BALANCE 5 OFFICES DOWNTOWN IU.I Ambassador Bldg. GA. 38 CI NORTH 811!) N. Grand JE.

217 SOI TH Sll st Grsad LA. 2608 WIIISTON earn lastoa MC. 4178 t'NIVERslTY CITY KM Delmar CA. 138 t'ndrr State Supervision $20 te $300 MADI SAMI DAY YOU APPLY NO WAOI ASSIONMINTS Yu can apply foe a loan on furniture, cor or plain not If yo con mad regular monthly pay-moots. Up ha 20 months to ropoy.

No notary charged. monfhfy on wnpoio ooloncas only niw orrici 354S South Grand', co. Gravois 3rd Floor, Phonoi Gond 3021 I OTMil OfFICII 1931 Railway Eachongo Over Fonsou lore OIKo, noor 7th, Central 7321 404 Missouri Thaatra lulldlrg 634 N. Grond, EfTarson S300 909 Ambassador ThaaHa Bldg. 7m I leevwi 5ts, GArflald 2630 HOUSEHOLD FINANCE CORPORATION tdtrn A.

Cual Toes. If. X'R Loans on Automobiles Loans on Automobiles and Tracks LOW INTEREST RATE. St. Clair Loan Co.

SSTi I.04 1ST I3JI LINDELL ALIO IXi4S at low rot hank ralew. Talk ta bOCTHW 1ST BANK. FR. Mlt. AUTOMOTIVE Vanted Automobiles AIL Al 70S baaghl.

eash; we need Ihca 8. Grand. PRasprrt IT2t. Automobiles for Sale nEiH ON YOUR Cemeteries Monuments Sunset Burial Park on Gravois Road THE MOST BEAUTIFUL REASONABLY PRICED CEMETERY IN ST. LOUIS OAK GROVE1 6-grave lot: beautitully located; private owner.

PRospect 8340. Death Notices BOSAK. AGNES aee Tumal Age 49 vears. of 3461 South Spring avenue, on Sunday, August 1, 1937. at 4 a.

beloved wife ot Fred Bosak. dear mother of Mary and Emily Bosak, dear sister-in-law. Funeral Wednesday. August" 4. at 8:30 a.

from MOYDELL PARLORS. Mississippi and Allen avenues, to St. John Nepcmuk Church. Interment Sunset Burial Park. Member of St.

Ludar.Ua 8ociety and Vlasta. CODY, JOHN J. Entered into rest on Saturday. July 31. 1937.

beloved husband of Catherine Cody, dear father of Mrs. Claire Bies. our dear father-in-law and grand-lather. Funeral Tuesday, 8:30 a. from W.

A. STOCK FUNERAL HOME. Grand and Florissant avenues, to Our Lady of Good Council Church. Interment Calvary Cemetery. Deceased was a member of Division No.

327. B. of L. GRAB-KNOKE. MINNIE Of Lemay.

Mo entered Into rest suddenly on Saturday, Julv 31. 1937. at 2 45 p. wile of the late John Grab, dear mother of George, John and Dan Knoke. Charlotte Hart, Julia Egeling and Christina Cabrai inee Knoke.

and of the late William and Philip Knoke. mother-in-law, grandmol tier, sister-in-law and aunt, in her 72nd Remains at FENDLER UNDERTAKING new city parlors. 7420 Michigan avenue, at Koeln street, until noon August 4. then will be taken to St. John's Evangelical Church at Mehlville.

Burial same day at 2 p. m. in Old St. John'a Cemetery. Was member of Ladies' Aid Society of St.

John's Church. HOWARD, MICHAEL J. On Sunday. August 1. 1937, at 11:20 a.

dear father of Mrs. T. F. Anderson, dear brother of James, Nellie and Alice Howard and Mrs. B.

Kernan, dear grandfather of Howard and Tom Anderson. Funeral from STUART A SONS' CHAPEL, 1225 Union boulevard, on Wednesday, August 4. at 8:30 a. to the Old Cathedral. Interment Calvary Cemetery.

LAUMANN, HENRY 4250A Holly avenue, entered into rest Saturday, July 31, at 2:15 a. dearly beloved husband of Mary Laumann (nee Swacinai, dear father of Mrs. Anna Brehm and Loretta Laumann and our dear father-in-law, brother, brother-in-law and uncle. Funeral Tuesday. August S.

at 8:30 a. from the BROMSCHW1G FUNERAL HOME, 4740 West Florissant avenue, to Holy Ghot Church. Interment Calvary Cemetery. L1.RCH JO BT4404 i fa mfst reeT, Saturday, July 31. 1937.

10:30 a. beloved husband of Erma Lerch (nee Helf-richi. dear father of Mrs. Fleming. Ger-elintt and Jean Carol Lerch.

dear son of Katherine Lerch, dear brother, brother-in-law. father-in-law and uncle. Funeral from KRIEGSHAUSER MORTUARY, 4228 South Kingshighway. Tuesdav, August 3, 1937, 8 a. to the Holy Family Church.

Interment Calvary Cemetery. A member of Bread Salesmen's Union Local No. 611. I.ITTR ELlThILLIAM At Winfield. on Sunday.

August 1, 1937. beloved husband of Bertha Littrell. dear lather of Newman and Lorin Littrell, brother of Thomas Littrell. Funeral from STUART A SON CHAPEL. 1225 Union boulevard, on Wednesday.

Aucust "4. at 3 p. to Valhalla Cemetery. Deceased was a member of Carpenters' District Council Local Union No. 47.

McCl I.LOl GH WILLIAM E. Foimer detective sergeant, of 5024 Rosa avenue, entered into rest Sunday. August 1. 1937. st 10 p.

beloved husband of Florence McCullough inee Wellsi. dear father of Walter William E. McCullough. and Mrs. Charles Hase.

brother of Edward McCullough. our dear father-in-law, grandfather and uncle. Funpral from ARTHUR J. DONNELLY'S PARLORS, 3840 Lindell boulevard. Notice of time later.

Deceased was a member of St. Louis Police Veteran's Association. MILLER, LOUIS A. On Saturday, July 31. 1837.

at 11:30 a. brother of Mrs. Mollie DoughtTty. Mrs. Grace Dougherty and J.

Vincent Miller, uncle of Mrs. L. D. Massucci. Joseph A.

and Richard Dougherty, Mrs. L. A. Waldbart, Mrs. T.

P. Law-ton, our dear grsndunclo. Funeral from ARTHUR DONNELLY'S PARLORS. 3R40 Lindell boulevard. Tuesday. 3. at 8:30 a. to Blessed Sacrament Church. Kingshighway and Northland. Interment Calvarv Cemeterv.

Deceased was a member of K. of C. and Elks Lodge of Kansas City. Mo. Kansas City.

paners please copy. NOLAN. MARGARET Of 4452McPher son avenue, on Saturday. July 31. 1937.

at 4 p. beloved sister of Lillie. Jane and Patrick Nolan, dear aunt of Mrs. Joseph Gumhel. from ARTHUR J.

DONNEI LY'S PA RS. 3840 Lindell boulevard. Tufts-dai ueust 3. 9 a to St. Alphonsus iRocii Church.

Interment Calvarv Cemetery. Funeral private. Please omit flowers. I HF RMAN FT -At San A tonlni on Friday. Julv 30.

1837. at 9:20 a. beloved husband of Pauline Ridd 'nee Reinhardi. our dear brother-in-law and uncle, in his 60th sear Funeral from the SCHUMACHER FUNERAL HOME. 3013 Meramec street.

Tuesday, Aupust 3. at 9.30 a. to Old St. Marcus Cemetery. A I.

A I.FR GOf TFChTb-pewa street, on Saturday. Julv 31. 1937 at 8:30 p. dear fon of Georee and Hannah Schaller mee Rolfi. rear brother of Fdna Roednfr, Norbert and Vernon Schaller.

our dear grandson, uncle, nephew and cousin, age 27 vear Funeral from the SCHUMACHER FUNERAL HOMF. 3013 Meramec street. Tuesday. August 3. at 12:30 p.

m. Interment Dittmer. Mo. SUTTER." A a A ii-ust 1. 1S37 husband of Eva Ham Sutter, lather of Mrs.

Shirley Umenseeter of New York City, Mrs. Arthur Schulte of St Iouis. and Roland Sutter of Detroit. brother cf Mrs. McKee.

Mrs. Amelia Henner end M'cheel Sutter Service at LUPTON MORTUARY. 4443 Olive street Tuesdav. at 2 p. m.

Interment Oak Grove Mausoleum. VOf.T. EMILT(nee 1 Of 5112 Temm avenue, on Saturday Julv 31. '37. at 10 n.

mother of Fred 'osr and dear mother-in-law of Eleanor Vcurf inee Schellenberr' and dear grnd-mother of Lorrd. Eleanor and Jsnet In her 68th vear Funeral I- the SCHUMACHER FUNERAL HOME. 3013 Meremec street Wednesdav Aueii't 4. at 8 30 a. to Pt Anthcnv's Cht'rch.

thence to Old SS. Peter and Paul's A mmbr of Ms) William McKinler Circle No. 18. Ladies of O. A R.

Lost and Found LOSER'S SERVICE BUREAU When yon advertise a lost article or pet tn the Star-rimes, your advertisem*nt receives the benefit ot free listing tn our Losers Service Bureau lor a period ot thirty days, if you find an article or pet not listed in toaay a Lost and Found ads. or if yoo lose something of your own, take advantage ef this service by calling CHestnut 06Q. BEADED BAG Lost; lady a. In Gravois Park; liberal reward. LA.

1147. DOG Last; taa. flipped. carly-kaireaTi part wire-hatred Sad svaodle; brow a nose and eyes: a am "Tawdles. Reward.

494M Highland or call CA. 3434. ENVELOPE LoM; containing National Investment Book and $86. Vicinity 4900 block Delmar. Reward.

FR. 1845. MAN'S RING Lost; large green gold, sap phlre mounting; VUlanova College; vear 1936. Frank M. Alfano Inscribed within; reward.

FOrest 6444 ri-RSE Lost white! with valaaklrs, money ana papers: reward. CA. 6.557. FOUND BY POLICE. Second DUtrict Radiator cap.

Fourth District Pulley wheel. Tenth District Pick and handle. Special Notices MRS. MARY O'CONNFLL moved from 5933 Easton ave to 5887 Theodosia EV- 3 134. SPECIAL far Augaat: This aa Is worth $1 a any peraaanent wave.

Bishop Beaaty Parlor, PR. 7704. BUSINESS SERVICE Services Offered CARPENTERS Bl ILDERS. CARPENTER Repairing ZE1BOL. 3937 Lincoln.

and pamtlne. NE. 0050 CONCRETE CEMENT WORK CEMENT-GRANITOID work, waterproofing, patch repair work a specialty. Williams. H4.58 Vernon.

RO. ELECTRIC WIRINO. GUARANTEED commercial aad resideatial wiring; appliance repairing. RI. 1173W.

FTM I ATORS A EXTERM1N ATOMS. ROACHES, BEDBUGS, TERMITES GUARANTEED EXTERMINATION 1 Pound Roach Powder, 81 1 Gal. Bedbug Spray. $2 We Deliver. Call CHestnat 7M Danean Service 504 (hoateaa KILL BED BUGS, Insects.

Rid all safety Fumigates 50c room; shipped anywhere or we fumigate reasonable Universal, 2606 St. Vincent. LAclede 9751. MOVFR STORAGR. BONDE MOVING CO.

SI ROOM. I'nion. 8408 South Jeffersen. GR. 2S.1.

RELIANCE BONDED MOVERS ROOM. Farnltare takea In exchange. LA. 9717. LOCKHART MOVING Large vans.

$2 room: lurnlture in exchange. CE. 268SL ROOM BONDED. INSURED. UNION MOVING ROSEDAI PLUMBING Ktnncdy Heatinj Sirvici Co.

For all heating troubles! repair work; bailer replacements ail karner service. 4IM MANCHESTER. FR ANKI.IN 5W1. PRINTTNG. HART PRINTING CO All kinds of print ing.


FR. 6660 ROOFERS SIDINO "GUARANTEE" te stop aU leaks. BENSON. 3825 St. I eais.

JE. 6141. FOR roof coating, waterproof lag. swian-ming pools, ase Ritacote Eanalslfied As phalt: no beating reqelred. Apply vear arlf.

GR. -VM5 or write Bitucote Prod- arts 1411 Central Industrial to. HELP WANTED Men, Boys IF YOU ARE NOW cam nrnsisn, bat Interested In bettering year Income, or. if yoa are not employed bat seek the above, yoa will be iaterested ia a connection with one of the world's largest insulation companies. Men accepted between age at 35 and 45.

Good education, ear necessary. Call F. Baldwin, Eagle Pitcher Sales 1718 Olive. SALESMEN Selling drag, hardware, grocer, feed stores, locally and Miftkonri. Illinois; we have good selling side line prodaets.


CALL FO. 4MMI AFTER 7 TO 8 P. M. MONDAY ONLY FOR PERSONAL INTERVIEW. YOUNG MAN Soc fountain and lunch-eon-tt experienia; state age.

reference and salary expected. Replies confidential. Box F-1J5. Star-Times. Women, Girls GIRL To work In kitchen: some experience in making sandwiches.

Stay or. place. Phone DI ion 586. GTRLTo work In kitchen: some experience in making sandwiches; atav on place. Phone Dixon 586.

13 YOUNG-WOMEN For-crw work; $16 salary Rooin 326320 W. Grand. YOUNG GIRL Experienced; sandwich and ht mburger shop; night work. 4478 Delmar YOUNG LADY Soda fountain and luncheonette experience: state age. reference and salary expected.

Replies confidents. Box F-134. Star-Times. Men ard Women AM ATFUHS WTD Apply tonight (NEW fllB ARGONNE). Cash

4216 Natural Bridge. By Baer 4'-. It. 1 .1 .4 .3 Men and Women COUPLE White; rent free for part-time work: references. S045 Westminster AM A TEUR 8 "ton 1 hCa a ba sh a Cash prues.

4630 W. Florissant. EDUCATIONAL Instruction TRI-CITY BARBER COLLEGE Call or mnie; tools furnished. 811 Market. ROOMS FOR RENT Furnished CALIFORNIA, 43273; hailroom.

sunroom. garage: heat, phone; adults, reasonable. RI. 4448R. CLEMENS.

589 Rovma with twin beds; hot, cold running water. PA. 3.WW. MAPLE. 25 S.

Ladies or gentlemen; clean sleeping rooms. Wt. tlltj. OLIVE, 3707 Large south sleeping! clean. eooi; soilanie 3 men.

Also single room. TAYLOR. 378 Apt. C. well furnished single room for gentleman.

JE. 4295. TO LET 1 to 4 rooms; furnij.hed or un furnished; sleeping or complete housekeeping; maid service: to Christian Scientists onlv; tn a Christian Science family; near The Prlncipla. Call RO. 0646.

Housekeeping LACLEDE. 4187 I or large heasrkeea- ngtadioinjng bath; also sleeping. LAFAYETTE. SI44 Single; completely far- nisbed; wasber; phone; good location. RUSSELL, SSM7 One large.

1st. bath. sink. rrfgidaire. Maytag, hot water.

UNIVERSITY. Largo front room: nirelv famished; conveniences; WASHINGTON. 2-reom saite. id fl. south, front; refrigeration; reasonable.

WESTMINSTER. 3731 Modrra. id floor front: hot. eold water; low rent. WEST I STE 405-SLf ieieinr ref rlf -eratian, adults, quirt; also sleeping.

Board and Room MrPRERON. lss Large franl ra baard eptianal; garage. CA. S254W. Roommate Wanted GIRL Refined; employed: gentile: ahare my attractive apartment.

RO. 2821. COMPTON. Ilt S. Gentleman.

ahare me-rtera f-reem flat; reaienable. GR. urn. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments WIST KING APARTMENT WATERMAN 5047 Furnished or unfurnished, with or without bedroom units, parque hardwood floors, tile wall batha with ahow-ers; fireproof: garage In baenient: washed air cooling avslem. FOrest 2084.

No dogi. CABANNE. 817 Front fr-room effirlencr, bedroom. gat, electric refrigeration. FR.0461.

ROSERI RV. C3T S. 7 t(ii; 3 batha; garage; 875. GArtield 8483. Kelvaggi.

13 N. 7th. NORTH RICHARD 4403 4-raom efficieary; gaa aiave. refrigeration, heat farniithed. NORTHWEST PALM, o-.

3 mat; heat and hat water; hall service; lid. Apartments Furnished WERT CABANNE, S17 S-roora efficiency; furnished. FR. 0481. TAYLOR, 327 N.

4-room efficiency fui-nlshed; block northof Lindell. WATERMAN'. IKI31 Id floor; 8 roomit; geod ventilation. BRidge 18.11 W. WOl'TH BLAINE.

3474 room, bath, Frigldalre. gas. electric; r.ewly papered; 810 weekly. NORTHWEST NEWSTEAD. 511 lApt.

i-2 cory rooms, furoiahed apartment. 83: adults. Flats WEtST EVANS. 0ltA 4 818. 0.

CE. 4.VXI. rtn bath, faraare; EVANS, 46K6 4 isplendid clean reams. bath, farnare; best condition: ayes; HI. KE NSINGTO N.

4iA 4 rilceooms. ba gas. electric. 316. Ml'.

1184 SOl'TH CONNECTICUT. 38 77 A 8 rooms; Venetian blinds: reconditioned throughout. RODIEK GR. 0025. SOL'TH WEST EICHELBERGER.

464 3 rooms, dinette. sleepine porch; redecorating; garage. PR. 1727 MARIll.L, 4MUIA New 6 rooms; tile kitchen; batbi hot-water heat. PH.

845.1. NORTH SACRAMENTO, 3 ihbi, Sta. GAr-field 84W.Selvaggi.8l3 N. Seventh. TWENTY -FIFTH.

3808 N. 6 rooms-bath, st ir, furnace; garage, adults; 330. CO. 2i97J. TYLER.

914 3 rooms, electric, being newly painted and papered. JE. 8892 NORTHWLS3 OR ITLA DA i4 7 8 7 A 4 modern, light: aereraed porch, bath, farnare, hdw. firs. Bungalows, Cottages SOITHWEST WADE modern bungalow.

Hi, open b) appointment. CO. 44j9W. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Residences WEST 6S00 WEST AT OAKLAND Beautiful home: beautiful location; modern in all respects: 'a-block from Forest Park; transportation, schools, 4V-room and sunroom: rent or with option to buy. rare deal, new low price.

See owner. 1028 Falrmount NORTH triM MAFFITT. M0. Residence of room, bath, electric, furrsre Reasonable terms. I HA8.

HtHlK. 114 N. 7th. Bungalows. Cottages VORTHHI'T EDGEWOOD ELVD 4420 -Beautiful large brick trmgalow: Isrge lot; bargain: death in tamiiy.

MU. 715 Farms FARM 8 at res; fraif. truck and poultry lir.d: 4j miles -ouui. price 8250. 810 cah.

James Cook. Kmsey, Mo. MERCHANDISE Household Goods TUESDAY FURNITURE A-U-C-T-I-O-K 18:34) A M. I P. M.

MISSOURI, 2003 DELMAR Household Goods Wanted fH I Farnitare. Contents. Flat, tons Oiaj ALL SUNOS. EST PRICFW. PRICES IOg URMTIBI.

H.EY. 3IJEATO. rg. 3S41. psnkiin.

EPA YHIGHCAbH PRICES 8177 for iBrnitsre, staves, ete. A I A A I4jf" FraVkila. "The Old pays better prices. 1 rnltoewan1ed lest prices pud. MOINDCITT.

CH. 5l ALL kinds; raa tents flats. dweliar: ask sf yricss pais, bckvsoer. CU- 4(. POULTRY, BUTTER AND EGGS ON THE ST.

LOUIS MARKET Spot Quotations tor eggs an poultrv ate oased upon transactions on the St. Louis Butter. Egg and Pouittv Esenange and on transactions ciacwhera oetween wnoieaaie deaiera and indicate price Bal 10 anlp-pers and true sen atore-door dellvera n-less otntrwiM specified. EGOS Missouri tao2ars lise; Missouri No cases 17c; undergrsdea, current receipt. vc; cases returned, le less.

BLTTERFAT Quote No. No. 2 at 27c. BUTTER Creamery extras, whole milk (82 acorei. Wisconsin, 32c: nearby.

31Hc; standards 190 acorei rsta, 28c; seconds. 27c; country rolt 14c to 15c. CHEESE in tebbing 19c; daisies. lc: prints. USt; northern twins, 18 We; singles.

19c; brick. 18'ie; Missouri and nearby. 1-1 pei pound less. uvt rottiRt- Fawls. Heavy.

5 lbs. ana ovei L'nder i lbs Leghorns. 3 us. and over 12 Leghorna, under 1 Ibi 10 Small and acrubDj 13 ring CbKkeaa WhiU Rocks, 3 lb, and o'- 23 White Rocks, small 21 Plymouth Rocks and neabry. lbs.

over 23 Plymouth Rocks and nearby, small. 21 Colored 2" Leghorns, over 3 lbs. 19 Barebacka 15 Black and Blue Legged 13 No. 3 10 ftrilrs- Coiored. Plymouth Rocks nd White.

2 lbs and Leghorns. 3 lbs. and over Baieoaeks Raanter. 20 20 15 H'V, ll's 16 14 13 '4 11S 13 11 8 stags, young iotaa Leghorn stags and Terkeys. Turkey hens.

10 lbs. and over. Small Toms, 18 lbs. and over Small no. a Darks.

Spring, white, ever 4 lbs Small Old white Small and dark Ceesa. Spring Oaincaa, Per Pate. Springs, ovtr 2 pounds I' Over l3 pounds l'- pounds and ucdir 1 Old guineas 2 25 VEALS Quote 136 pounds and up, $10 50 to $11; fair to good. $9 to 810; common to medium, $7 to $8, rough and underfed, $5 to $6 LAMS Good to choice. $18 50 fo $11: medium, $6 to fat sheep.

$2.50 to $3 50; buck lambs discounted $1 per hundredweight. FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Prices quoted below cover sales on today wholesale market in less than carlot quantities. Unless otherwise stated: ill. Dept. of Agriculture 1 CANTALOUPES Arlsona.

salmon meats. Jumbos, 45s, $2-2 25 few best, 36s. $2-2 25; lew best. $2 50-2 75, 27s. fair quality.

$1 50. few best, $2.50. California, salmon meats Jumbos, 36s and 45a, Truck receipts, Indiana, standards. 23.S-36S. few best, $1 25; ordinary quality and condition.

50-75c; bushel baskets and bushel boxes. Missouri and nearby, 25-50c. HONEY BALLS California, jumbos, 3os and 45s, $2 50; 27s, $2 25. HONEY DEW California. Jumbo crates, 6s to 9s.

$1 ordinary quality and condition. 10, standards, 12s, mostly around $1 40; ordinary quality and condition. 10. CARROTS Leiuce crates. 6 dozen.

California, $3-3 25: ordinary quality and condition. $2. 50-2. 75. Colorado, ordinary quality, $2 poorer.

$2. Per Qo7cn bunchches, nearby. 15-25c. Ohio, 25-35c; 16-quart climax bakets. IS dozen, 45-50c; topped, washed, 40-50C.

California, 50-pound sacks, topped, washed, CAULIFLOWEH Washington, pony crates 12s and larger, mostly around $1 8. CELERY Michigan, hignoails, fair quality, oU-5c; per dosen stalks, 3a-45c. Ohio, per dosen stalks, large, 65c. LETTUCE Western crates. Iceberg type: Calilorma, 4s.

50; fair quamy and condition, $2: 5s. $2 75-3. lew best $3 25; ordinary quality $2.25. New York, crates, Big Boston, 2 dozen. 75c.

ONIONS 50-lb sacks: California, whites, U. 8. No. 1, $150. Iowa, yellows, l'i-in.

min 60 per cent. 2-in and larger, $1. Oast lo, tew higher. Missouri. wniu.

white boilers. 0c Nearby, bushel uoxes. yellows. 80c. PEACHfcU Arkansas, bushel baskets, EI-bertas, U.

8. No. 1, not marked lor size. $1 90-2. mostly $2, lew best 52.25; 2-in.

and 2'4-m. not marked for grade. mostly $1 85-1 90; smaller size and lair quality and condition, ordinary quality and condition. showing decay holdoviTS 75c. Illinois, buel baskets, Elbertas.

mostly IVin. Nearby, various varieties, bushel boxes. 50-7ic. lettuce boxes, 25-35c; peck baskets, 25c. PEAS Hampers, Colorado, $1 50-1 65; fair quality and condition.

40; poorer. Washington. $1 75, Mississippi, sacks. Crowder peas, $1.75. POTATOES Sacked per cwt California.

White Rose. U. S. No. 1, $2 35-3 40; U.

6. Commercial. Idaho, Triumphs. U. S.

No. 1, plain bags, $1.50: Russets, u. No. 1. $-' 40; Illinois.

Cobblers. U. 8. No. 1, niostiy around $1 10: nearby, bu.

boxes, partly graded Cobblers. 55-60c; truckloads. cash to irowers. bulk per cwt, Cobblers, It. S.

No. 1, 90-95c; few, 8Ac: verv few, 80c. WATERMELONS Arkansas. Tom Watsons. 35-40 b.

average. $1 15-1 25; 34-35 lb. average, mostly around 81; Missouri. Cuban Queens. 30-lb.

average. truck receipts. Missouri, truckers' sales to Jobbers. Cuban Queens. 28-30 lb.

average, 17-18c each; 22-24 lb average. 15-16c TOMATOES Nearby, bu. boxes. 75c; fa quality, 60c. APPIJSBu.

baskets, Illinois and Missouri Transparent 2'3-inrh nun, 0-6c: 2'5-inch mm. 60-75c; Liuchess 3'-lnch min. 60-75c; raspberries 2'-ineh min. 50c; Strawberrvs 2'j-inch 65c; Trentons 2'--lnch 70-75c; Wealthys 2 -j-inch min 40-60c; Benones, 90c nearby bu. box.

miscellaneous varieties. 15-fuc, Wealthys, 30-4OC. BEANS Bu. hampers and bu. basket, round, stringle.vs, Colorado.

fair condition. $1.25: Illinois, $1 75; flat tvpe. $115; nearby, bu boxes, round, stringiess. fair quality. pole beans, $1 25-1 .50 BITTER BEANS Peck baskets, shelled, $2-2 25 Limas Maryland, bu.

hampers, ordinary quaiitv. $2 50-2 75. AVOCADOS Florida, boxes. 12-18s 1 BANANAS Import. 40-lb boxes.

bunches, pe rib. BLACKBERRIES Mfrhigsn, 16-qt $2-2 25. BLUEBERRIES crates, Florida. 12-2 50 BEETS Nearbv per dox. bunches.

10-17'iC; poorer. 5c; bu. boxes. topped, washed. TO-2Sc BROCCOLI Colorado, pea crates, 34 bunches.

$2. CABBAGE Nearby, bu. boxes. 2-40c; sacked per ton. domestic round tvpe.

lows. $24-25; Illinois. $i3-2j. poorer $20. Colorado, lettuce crate.

$1 50 50-ib. sacks, Illinois. 40-55C- Iowa CELFRY CABBAOfc- Ohio, 16-qt, baskets. CHERRIES Michigan, 16-ot. crates.

$2- 2 2'. CORN" N'erb per do ears. White varices. B-llc Bantan- 8-llc CfCl'MBFRS -Nearbv. bu boxes.

25-50c. I'GGPt ANT Nearbv lettuce boxes, 12s, bu. boxes. S5-50c. ENDIVE Nearby, bu boxes lettuce boxes.

20-30c: Ohio baskets. 40-50c. GARLIC Louisiana, strings, medium to large. 35-50c. small, Texas, per lb 6c GRAPES -California.

lug, Thompson seedless. S2 OREEN ONION? Per doren bunches Ohio. poor. re Nearby. IO-13'c Wisconsin.

17' c. Colorado, crates. 10 dor bunches. $2 25-2 50. KALE -Narbv.

bushel hext IV. KOHLRABI Nearbv dozen bunches 10c. LEAF LETTUCE --Nearbv. lettuce boxr. 20-25C bushel bask-v.

35-40c Ohio. 1S-qcart baskets. LIMf-S Mexican 5-ih boxes $4-4 25 Florida boxes. Persians. $1 50-2.

bushel boxes 3 MUSHROOMS cartons Illinois. 25-JOc few hisher OhKi 17 MUSTARD GREENS Nearby. bushel boxes. 10-lSc.

OKRA Nearbv. peck baskets. 15-20e. PARSLEY Nearbv. per cozen bunches, 5-1V Ohio, 2 dozen bunches 3S-40 PEPPERS Nearby, bu-hel boxes, various varieties.

0-60c bushel hampers World Beaters. 30-7V. PLUMS Nearby, various varieties peck baskets JV-40e: trays. 3 gallons. 5C RADISHES Ohio baskets 3 dosen bnrtehe.

reds. 45-Sfic: poorer 25c; white. Wiscomn. cjates dozen, $1 1 15 rhubarb Nearbv, per dosen bunches. 10-3c.

SALSIFY sfirft, per ooren. euncaes trns- 0-5c. SPINACH Nearby bose. is-j5c: Colorado crates. 25, according to ouah'v and condittcr.

SWEET POTATOES New SWEET POT stock bushel bask'' Nancy Hs whites. ti s. basre; hopperv ft TS-t 6- TURNIPS AND UTA AG A Nearbv. pe- doaen burcl.e.

4.1-4'ic bsr.el box topped, washed. 35-50c. greens, bushel Boxes EW-'ASH Nearby. boe white 35-50C. box' 2c.

tpe, M4MLA HFMf. KFW YORK Aue 2--'U hemp 'cents per lb 77 JI 50 per cent. 8 1 -Msrila per cent. I Davao at of I i I 1 1 I I i i Themas J. Barke.

Thomas Burke. 54. former St. Louisan wno died Saturday in Chicago, be buried in Calvary Cemeterv tomorrow following services at 9 a. at St.

Pius Catholic Church. 3304 South Grand boulevard The Peeis Funeral Home. Lafayette avenue and Longff.iow boulevard, is in charae. Mrs. Daisy M.

Elliott. Mrs. Dsisy M. Elliott. 55 years old of 2722 St Vincent avenue, who died Friday, was buried today in Calvary Cemetery following services at St.

Henry Catholic Church. 1230 California avenue. The Schnur Funeral Home, 3125 Lafayette avenue, was In charge Mrs. Katie Farrar. Mrs.

Katie Farrar. 80 years old. of 3220 Vita avenue, who died Friday, was buried today In Calvary Cemetery following services in the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. Lafayette avenue and Longfellow place. The Peetr Funeral Home.

3029 Lafayette avenue, was in charge of arrangements. Will is as A. Boppmaan. William A. Hoppmann, 62 years old.

of 4967 Schollmeyer avenue, who died Thursday, was buried today in National Cemetery. Jefferson Barracks, following services Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church. 5825 South Kingshighway. The Oscar J. Hoffmeister Chapel.

Chippewa street ana Gravois avenue, was In charge. Mrs. Jessie E. Huntington. Funeral services were held today at the Arthur J.

Donnelly Funeral Home. 3840 Linden boulevard, for Mrs. Jessie E. Huntington. 41, of 2911 Milton boulevard, who died Friday.

The body was cremated. Mrs. Marie E. Johnxlan. Funeral services for Mrs.

Marie E. Johnston. 4951 Emerson avenue, who died yesterday, will be held at 1:45 m. Wednesday at the Leidner Chapel. 2223 St Louis avenue with interment in New Bethlehem Cemetery.

Henry Laaanann. Henrv Laumann. 72 years old. of 4250A Holly avenue, who. died Saturoay.

will oe buried tomorrow in Calvary Cemetery following services at 9 a. at the Holy Catholic Church, Taylor and Garfield avenues. The body is at the Brom-schwig Funeral Home, 4740 West Florissant avenue. John B. I.erch.

John Ler h. 41 years old of 4404 Miami street, who dud Saturday, will be buried in Calvary Cemeterv following services at 8:30 a. m. tomorrow In the Holy Family Catholic Church. 4129 Humphrey street.

The funeral procession will leave the Kriegshauser Mortuary, 4228 South Kingshighway, at 8 a. m. Building Permits Terminal R. owner of ground, Union Station: Smith At Brennan Pile ownee building. 4023 N.

First: one-story frame shed. 15x26 at 4023 N. First, $d0. Anheuser-Busch, owner, 721 Pesta-lorri; A. L.

Kappler. builder. 4339 Holly Hills: alter two-story brick atore building at 630 N. Tavlor, $1,200. William Hafner.

owner. 6030 Fyler: Hardt Pounds Const. builder. 6030 Fyler; two one-story frame garages. 9x18 at J256 and 3260 Watson rd total $400.

William Hafner. owner. 6030 Fyler; Hardt Pounds Const. builder, 6030 Fyler. Russell Conselman.

architect. 5734 Chippewa: two one-story brick dwellings, each 24x44 stone foundations, comp. shingle roofs, hot-air heat, at 3256 and 3260 Watson total $8,000 Milton King, owner. 3764 Chippewa: Corliss N. Williams, builder and architect, 4953 Holly Hills: one-story brick dwelling.

42x26 concrete foundation, comp. roof, hot-water heat, at 6807 Sutherland. $4,000. Mississippi Valley Trust Co. owner of ground; Alfresco Adv.

builder. 900 Grand; wood and metal sign at 1129 Wash-ina-ton. $325. Nirk Gilsdorf. owner and builder.

1313 Montgomery; alter one-story frame shed at 1313 Montgomery, $60. Ml! 1 1 FED FUTURES MARKET. Millfeed closed lorver. Local bran off 40c to 70c; gray shorts off 2flc to $1. Chicago bran 40c to 50c olf: middlings 25c to 40c off.

Cash feed closed steady, standard and pure bran $19 29-20 00; shorts, $24 T. I.OUIS DELIVERY. tPollara per ton.i Prey. High. Low.

Close. Close. STANDARD BRAN. September October November December January ,..19 70a ,..19 70a ,..19 70a ...19 75a ...19 75a .20 00a 18 75b 18 80b 18.80b 19.00b 19 15b 19 30b 19 25a 19.30a 19.3'ia 1 9 50a 19.65a 19 60a 19 90a 19.85a 19 85a 19.75 20 00a GRAY SHORTS. September October November December January 23 25a 22.75a 22.50a 22 25a 22 00a 21 75a ...23 25a ...2 2 50a ...22 25a ...22 00a 22 25b 21 50b 21.50b 21.00b 20.75b 23.25a 22 50a 22.50a 22.25a CHICAGO DELIVERY.

STANDARD BRAN. August September October November December January ,...20 00 20 00 19 75b 19 75b 19 0b 19.90b 20.10b 20 00 20.15a 20.15a 20 40a 20 40a 20 60a 20 50 20.60a 20 50 20.55 20 60 .20 35a .20 40a .20 50a .20 75a STAND A RD IDDUNGS August September October November December January .24 35a .72 50a .22 I5a 21.50a 2LS0a 23 90a 23.90a 22 25a 22 15a 21 50a 2 1 50a 21 50a 25 00a 22 75a 22.25 21.75a 21.75a 21.50b 21 40b 20.50b 20 50b 20 50b aAsked. bBld. MARRIAGE LICENSES. PalBavless 3416 Caroline Opal Counts 1208 St.

Ange Jacob Skiles .6718 Alabama Alice Murray 4041A Gravon James Ervin Mondt Glendale. Cal. Alda Marie Babb 4031A Pleasant Clarence Evans Canton, Ohio Lydia Vogely Canton. Ohio George W. Roesch Shawnee.

Ok. Ruth Mitchell 4041 Flad Bernard A. Poehling 4831 Sisel Dorothy B. Heitert 5807A S. Kingshighway John Sauer 3902 S.

Main Elizabeth Husyez 4122 S. Main Norbert P. Fox Evelyn G. John Watson Anita Schroeder Ber.lamtn F. Miller Grace V.

Teasiey. John P. Long Mrs. Amanda Long Walter Stoltz Thelma Patton Fdcar Anderson Bermce Harles ...4266 A Ellenwood 3859 Flatl ...38.16 Westminster 4551 Ray TiiUa. Ok.

Woodriver, 111. Tulsa, Ok. 4487 McPherson 1204 Franklin 1810 Frankhn Bacon 3030 N. Twenty-first S. Compton 1719 Eighth Phihn Iom Angelina Aharez Clarence Marcee Jr B'rnice Wilmenng Frank Campar.ella 3015A Indiana 5317 Robert lT, N.

Fiehteent 2011 Cass Lena Palarrola Miles Bech Dolores Pchultze John Wheeler Estes Cleo Eleanor Whittaker. 5707 McPherson sjii savoy ct. lii. Ill 237 I.alavefe 5352 Geraldir.e 5584 E'7e 5204 Ca-es 4tf! Cogens 422 MafCIt 1104 Fsl.on 1K4 Fallen 1013 A Monroe Monroe Broadwpy S' Louis County Hopewell Mo 8229A P.e.'iy Detroit.

Mi'-h. 4252 West Pine .4623 Rca 4327 Oiea.ra Decatur. lit. Decatur. LI.

Harold I Puth Staples Msrns Rothman Cecelia S-ltzer Paul Tally Mrs Irorv Sindian Ad Gsnse Aims Branch Louis Schandler 'Clara Star.k.ewicz John Poulo-s Mrs. Grace Msdcox Flmer Bene Dorothy Cooper Err.rret Wiggins Nellie Gray WiHiam BlanUe. Jr June M. Baker Glenn Punkel Jessie Patterson Eimer Hoeh 423 Oll'-e 36C7 Pare .4343 Forest Park 913 Sarah ....4229 Lexingtr.Q 3617 Clay 6911 Dwie 4373 North Market Dorothy A Weis Carl Blackard Ella Wilke Gunnar Lerov Ksll Mildred Anna Parnell W. Molkenbur.

Dolores V. Donne Willie Wilbourne Katherine Banks 1808 Garr.b 325 Montror ANSWERS. Mind Year Martnerw questions an 1. 1. No.

She mun mait her turn. 2. No. 3. No.

4. No. 5. Uniftss she is very subtle he will irTvute and alienate her customer. Best -What Would You Do- eo- tb.

tat is used by a young woman when calling someone she knows socially and by an oicer woman when sreakin? to a friend. Ccpyrht. WHEAT FUTURES LOWER AT CLOSE, CORN IS MIXED September Delivery of Coarse Grain Shows Strength Trading Is Moderate. CHICAGO. Aug 2 U.

P.I Whrat pnce continued in their downward trend on the Chicago Board ol Trade losing better than 2 eer.ts bushel twlore uncovering much support. Trading volume was only moderate, many speculator taking to the because of holidays In Irfvemool and Winnipeg At the close wheat was IS to IS cents lower. September $1.15. Corn was 3s cent runner to IS cents lower. September 84 cen's.

and oats was cent lower. September 2S cents. The persistent hedging sales that have depressed prices In recent sessions contributed to the decline here today. Scattered commission house selling brought a lower opening and net losses were further extended under liquidation induced by weakness In Kansas City. Heaviness In the distant corn future had a bearish influence In tne wheat pit.

An estimated corn crop of 3.758.000,000 bu figure considerably higher than the goiernment's July 1 estimate, made traders cautious and corn prices moved Irreg-ularlv. Hit September delivery showed strength In response to small receipts while the new crop months rcorded net losses ranking at one time to about 2c a bushel. The outlook for a bumper yieid Induced a steady flow of selling and checked buying power. Mo.cmen tof new crop wheat Is showing a decline here. Receipts today were esiima'cd st 55 compared with 1 Kg cars a week It was believed, however, that the visible supply would show a further increase due to the fact that unloadins of arrivals of wheat here is moving along s.owly.

ST. LOUI3 MERCHANTS" EXCHANGE. Aug. 2 Wheat prices finished the day with losses of l'n to 2'4e a bushel and corn was iC higher to off. Wheat receipts today totaled 559 S00 bu Including 389 cars locaf and 4 ears through, against bu.

last week and 381,000 bu vear. Corn receipts today totaled 8.000 bo Including 4 cars local and none through, against 4" 000 bu. last weelc and 1J3.000 bu. last vear. Oats receipts today totaled 58 008 bn Including 2 curs local and 1 car throuah, against 78,000 bu.

last week and 88,000 bu. last year ll OrR AND MIlXSTt rrs. FLOTJH Quote car lota, basis new Jute 14ns b. St. Louis Ispeclal brands Phighen: Soft wheat short patents 85.85 to 18 3S per bbl straights and 85 per cent at II 3 to 85.70.

firat clears and extra fancy 84 50 to $4 80. second clears and low grades $3 90 to $4 20, hard wheat abort patents at $5 8 to 88. IS. straights and is per cent at $V20 to $5.85. first clears $4 40 to $4 80.

second clears and low grades $4 30 to $4 65. spring wheat patents $8 10 to $8.50. standard patents $1.85 to $8 15, first clears at $8 40 to $8.70 GLUTEN Quote ear lot. July shipment feed at $28 85 and meal $32 85 per ton sacked. Corn Oil Cake Meal at $30 85 per ton.

August 50c higher. ALFALFA MEAL Quota car lots, leaf meal at $35 50. No. 1 fine $25 50, No. 1 medium $23 prompt shipment Dehydrated grades $3 per ton higher.

80Y BEAN OIL MEAL Quote car lota, 41 per rent at $36 10 for prompt shipment. LINSEED OIL MEAL Quote, car lots, prompt shipments, 34 per cent at $31.50. and 30 per cent at $33 50 COTTONSEED OIL MEAL Quote, car lots, 41 per cent at $30 per ton for prompt Shipment BREWERS' DRIED ORAIN8 Quota nominally prompt shipment at $23. MEAT SCRAP Quota at $52 50 per ton In car lots for 50 per cent protein, less than car lots $2 higher. TANKAGE Quote at $52 50 per ton In ear lots for 80 per cent protein; less than car lots $2 higher.

FISH MEAL Quote 80 ner cent Sardine, promnt shioment at $51. 65 per cent at $38. CORN MEAL Quote Cream Meal, in rar lots, nominally $3 13 to $3 25 per 100 defending upon quality, standard at $3 to grits and pearly hominy at $3 15 to $3 25. RANGE OF GRAIN Fl TIRES. Prev.

Close. High. Low. Close. SEPTEMBER WHEAT.

St. L. 113', 114b ilsVa Chi 118's lU'i ll.Vi 1104 106S lllb DECEMBER WHEAT. St. 118 114 Chi 117'i 11V 116S 117 112 MOW HOS'-a 112 MAY WHEAT.

Chi lis in1-, ii 7' il8 iiri'i K. 11.V. 112 SEPTEMBER CORN. St. L.

CM. 83 'ib 3b 92-91'i 88 '4 a 8fi'sb 95 88 5'i DECEMBER CORN. St. L. Chi.

C. 6'a 67a 88 87s 65S 87a 85 '1 65 63 MAY CORN. Chi S8' 6S 88', 67 68 C. 66 65 8b 7b SEPTEMBER OATS. St.

L. Chi 29 294 J1L sas, I7EC EMBER OATS. 39', Chi." 11 30 304 MAY OATS. S3's 12 32'. Chi, 33 SEPTEMBER RYE.

Chi 79s 7' DECEMBER RYE. Chi 80' 4 781 79 0'b 80NS MAY RYE. Chi. 81S 80 81 83 OCTOBER SOY BEANS. Chi.

..103 101 101 103'aa PrCFMBER POT BEANS Chi TlOZ'j 100' 7 100'. 102b rniCAC.o tows ion. LARD. fpTMTiher lFsO-11 67 11 73-75 11 95 11 67 11 40 11.45- 42 11 63-. May 11 62 1 1 45 ll50a 11 65a BELLIES Srptembrr.

17.18 17 05 17 05 17 20 aAsked. bBlfl. nNominal. 8iin aire grin. rtUsTVOS AIRES Auk 2 I' PI Grain fui'ires opened irreauiarlv higher Wheat -August unchanged; September 122 unchanged.

Corn-August j3'4. up 'j: September 55 up Oat a -Spot 29' unchanged Kiss -August unchanged. September 134', unchanged. fW YORK 4 MARKET NEW YORK. Aug 2 1 Hsv receipts were none.

Vfsrket steady Large b.i'es. Small bales. No. 1 J3 23 No. 2 20 No 3 17-18 17-18 Clover Mited; No 1 TO( KS OF C.RIN IN T.

1 Ot IS. Saturday, fridav 2 418 163 2 45 15 Year Aco. 3.f!.,l 487 235 168 68! 7 51 138 143.723 Ccrn ns Bar lev 16 245 34 41 51 75 13.771 67 042 1.765 13.771 GR41N WITHDRAW FROM IIEV4TOHS. Wheat. 19 413 bu bv rs'l: corn.

8 307 bu. by rail: miio. l.sno hu. bv rail RONTON WOOI 4 It RET. BOSTON.

Aug 2 if. P. 1 Trading In woo! jlnw but quotations were firm the S. Agriculture Department reported tod a v. Buvrrs were not showing interest In nev-- offerrti in Boston or from the middle west, but asking prices were firm and unchansred from last week.

Cour.try-rekd lots contsmins combing and leneths of and blood grades of were mostly firm 43c in the ire? deliverel east Good French combine t-rntorv wool? In ennal received some inqu.rv sr.d were firmly quoted at 95-97C. scoured basis. TNRrtNTIXE 4.NP ROIV SAVANNAH OA. Ant 2 firm a were '87 recttnts 431. 112 stocks 33 MS.

and offerings Roin aiw. closed firm. Ss were 6'V. 2 015. 3.069.

stocks 66 .26. and 6f5 RIBBrR M4RKFT NFW YORK Aue. 2 1-Rubber futrret opened po r's loer 14 poll's hisher pep'emer 18 Dec'Tber 18 56: January 18 60-18 64; March 13 72; May 1184. Alphonsus iRock' Catholic Church. 1118 North Grand.

The Arthur J. Donnelly 1 Funeral Home. 3840 Lindell boulevard. Is in charee of airaneements Mrs. Mary Elisabeth Tbaaaas.

Funeral services were held today in McLaughlin Funeral Home. 2301 Lafayet'e avenue, for Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thorn. 70 vears old, of 243 Osage street, who died Tbursdsy. Interment was in Lake-wood Park Cemetery.

Mrs. Katie Reiser. Funeral services were held today at the Edward F. Howard 4c Sons' Funeral Home, 4212 St. Louis avenue, for Mrs.

Katie Reiser. 60, of 4242 North Euclid avenue. wh3 died Friday. Interment was In Sunset Burial Park. William S.

Sees. Funeral services were held today at the Arthur J. Donnelly Funeral Home. 3840 Lindell boulevard, for William 8. Sees.

35. of 5623 Enright avenue, who died Friday. The body was cremated. George Scown. Funeral services were held todsy at the Peeti FuntTal Home.

Lafayette and Longfellow avenues, for George Srown. 58 years old, of Princeton. 111., who died Thursday. Interment was in Valhalla Cemetery. George A.

Towers. George A. Towers, 52. of 4148 Pleasant street, who died Thursday, was buried in Calvary Cemetery following services today in the Holy Name Catholic Church, Z047 East Grand boulevard. Arrangements were in charge of the W.

A. Stock Funeral Home, Grand boulevard and Florissant avenue. Diet) rich leltien. Funeral services will be held at I p. m.

tomorrow at the Lawrence Mullen Chapel, 5165 Delmar boulevard, for Diedrich 78. of 2310 Jewell avenue. Jennings. Mo. He -iied vesterdav.

Burial will be in Memorial Park Cemetery Miss Dorothy YVeyerlch. Funeral services were held today at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Grand and Lindell boulevards" for Miss Dorothy Weverich. 21.

of 3676A Laclede avenue, who died Friday. The Edith E. Ambrus-ter Funeral Hame, 4053 Lindell boulevard, was in charge of arrangements. John W. Williamson.

John W. Williamson. 68. of 5904 Theo-dosia avenue, who died Friday, was buried in Calvary Cemetery following services todav at the Notre Dame Catholic Church, 6309 Cote Briliiante avenue. The Math.

Herman Son's Funeral Home, Fair and West Florissant avenues, was in charge. MARRIAGE LICENSES. Ernest Groves Samella Toliver Max Goodman Mrs Selma Lowy Henrv D. Hopp Eugenia Fern Clavton Casey Lois Rose Frank Bast Laura Kauffmann Orell D. Strlcklln Madaline Huskey.

Karl Brown Eveiyn Clark Sherman Taylor 4239W Finney 2711 Gamble III. Chicago, 111. East Louis, 111. East St. Louis, 111.

2101 N. Fourteenth 2513A Hadley 2210A Cherokee 136 Sidney .913 North Market .1604 S. Fourteenth .1605 S. Broadway 317 Soulard 1516A Sixteenth 1435 Delmar .....3239 California 915 Clarendon 1410 Madison 1328 Blair 5121 Wicklow 11I. 3544 Tennessee 2830 Stoddard Geneva Seay Otto Sohmltt Viola E.

Muench Joseph Capnello Florence Caldrone Roy Becker Ellen Young Scottie Robinson Mrs. Clemmie Fryerson Harley J. Laws Catherine Craig Walter L. Taber Blanche de Ment Norval A Dorothy C. Volz Anthony J.

Denny Mary A. Kruplnski Paul Johnston 2801 Gambl 3923A Parnell 3311 Semple .360 Shenandoah ..2813 N. Spring .4516 Eirhelberger ..4614 Varrelmm St. Louis St. Louis 6349 Washington Hazel Weiser Webster Groves.

Mo Georce Curtin 1213 Lami Dorothy Steinhauer 2706 S. Jefferson Esrl H. Bennett 2301 N. Thirteenth Hester Shrum Madison St. Louis John O.

Prentice, Jr 2040A Alice Alleene Morns 4956 W. Florissant Harrison McClain 2811 Sheridan Juanita Cole 1437 Frances Ervin C. Kuenzel 1117 Veronica Alice M. Olsen St. Louis County Herbert Cole 3318 Wisconsin Florence Mason 3127 Cass Harrv M.

Charleville. Ste. Genevieve. Mo. Cecelia A Siasiak Ste.

Genevieve, Mo John E. Herd 4300 St Ferdinand C. Elizabeth Ewing 4606 LabadJe CLAYTON. Robert Bradley Naomi Cobb George Walker Esther McLaughlin J. C.

Robertson Donia Young Roily Adams Mary Jane Starbuck Charles Tranbarger Frances E. William Mourffee Dorothy Schmitt Morton Compton Lorraine Green Jack Wrlch Edna Hunt George Wettring Lillian Horrmann Joseph Galba Groves Maplewood Brentwood Hill Village 7017 Bruno Maplewcod ...5138 Washington Kirksville Columbia. Mo. Cedar Rapids. Ia.

1237 Commonwealth 4467 Gibson Overland Overland 4354 McRee 4938 Sutherland 4010 McPherson Robertson, Mo. 3407 Cherokt-e 5130 Waldo Theresa Doggendorf ST. CHARLES Cecil Chastain Lillian Hellmann Edward Bailey Audrey Adams Anselo Rivituso Loretta Banes St. Louis St. Louis Affton, Mo.

Jelferson Barracks. Mo. St. Louis St. Louis BIRTHS.

BOYS. I. anif 8 Smith. 5183A Kensington. S.

and R. Londe, 5262A Delmar. B. and Weinbach. 5758 Terrv F.

and E. Beehler, 3964 A Russell. W. and J. Rogger.

4826A Sieel. H. and D. Spivack. 5574 Cote Briliiante.

GIRLS. B. and Sanders, 1220 Blair. and McCann. 130SA Sullivan.

and B. Baker, 7943 Ahern, University Citv. A and Kleyer. 1811 N. F.ighieenth.

H. and Summer. Taylorville. HI. A.

and H. Harrow, University Citv. S. and S. Lnfton.

5228 S. Kingshighway. T. and C. Brown.

209 W. Bowen. and I Brand. 818 Ann. W.

rnd Cai.agranrie. 2S54 and E. Planells. 7824 Minnesota. BURIAL PERMITS.

Christine Jeweit. 63. 7224 Arsenal. Abraham L. Jackson.

73. 6830A Michigan. Frank Kruh 47. University City. Phillip Diets.

73. Robert Sloam. 63 2939 Scott Rachael A. Cumpston. 90 5C46A Cates.

oeorge A Towers. 4148 Pieasant. Eleanor M. Stanlieiri. 39.

4009 Cook. John Elahertv. 6fi 4R27 Page. David Morgan 4. 6750 Nashville Wilaam A.

Hoppmar.n, 62, Scholl-never. Fred MrClelian 48 Broadway Hotel. Jacob Adams. 71. 107 Sixth Thomu Bauisborry, 52.

1115 N. Thirteenth Jesse Bronner. 67, 1507 Chestnut, Ida Alltngton, 41 2300 Biridle. Jack Harvey. 41.

1101 N. Cardinal. Cstl Sebra. 51. 1427 Fourteenth.

Frances Morris. 64. 5800 Arsenal. Ie 60. 244 Walnut.

Elia Howard. 77. 2813 Stoddard. Robert Meacows. 40.

3432 Beil. Mary Jackson. 47. 3615 Richard Gaffney. 76 5718 Pennsylvania Pearl McCune.

62 5131 Cabanne. Louis Cret 48. 5322 Orioie Georia Hampton. 4247 St. Feromand M.tue Lattmg 31.

2726 Walnut Elirabeth Schobei. 73. 4123A Maffitt. Msry Moore 63. 4001 N.

Broadwav. Abe Schneider. 66, 5920 Kenrerlv. William McCulley, 6 mo, 4348 North Mat' ke 1 Frsnces Jarkson. 47 1SX19A Carr William Biombert.

64 3740 Ninth. 1 Adam Ziesler. 75. 5807 Arsenal. Lucille Hartbill.

51. 2010 Olive. Curtis Pike. 4 mo. 2611 Lucas.

Rooert Lewis. 77. 5800 Arsenal Mageie O'Neal. 57. 1403 8 Thirteenth.

1 Hauie BelL 3532A Market. 1 James Wilson. 57 1331 Tenth Albert Lacen. 56 500 Arseml Isom Visor. 65.

1220 N. Ninth Blanche Gausepohl. 40. 1803 Chestnut Elisabeth Ochs. 6 rslA DeSoto Mary Tesjon.

78. 5131 Minerva. James Retd. 8 mo 724A Baden. VITAL STATISTICS Funeral Directors CTJLLINANE BROS.

0 NORTH GR AND FRankUn 1 1 92 MATH. HERMANN Si SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS FAIR AND WXST FLORISSANT COHai WACKER-HELDERLE U. ft L. CO. 2331 BROADWAY GRand 3116-17 i GRAVOIS AVE LAcier-e 7S7J 1 utunuia mt mciere 79 10 FAiuLLNG ss kxjlr of ciiAPtii Price.

Down. '37 Ford avertible Kedaa IIM bevrolel fsedaa i'tl Roles aarh aa flairk Coark 4 tT M4 Lincoln shrlolet 4hJ 34 Airflow l-rdas 88 Rairk Sedia 'i Lses fcedsa 3 Cash hi. INK. sOITH GR Al. TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY Ia-- COACHES lli HE hOTO TOI RING Tl DOR Rang good: SISU.

38,77 lnUn. '36 PLYMOUTH C0ACH7IT25 TRIANGIE DOfK.f.-PT.TMOl'TH DOt ll.flT.8SON' AT ARSENAL GRaad V3 CO I PES CHfV. I KM (ssse: ramble seat. PHIIBI.RT AMO ALE. S4iw GrasaH Maer caape; rambka eat; like aew.

S4.i; terms. M7 Eas4 DOIGE nase freal bayrgtisT PHILBERT ALIO hALEIS30GravoB TSSI LShl PACEM AKER COLPE Ijka aew; enly8ll.7. S8S7 Eastan. ESRPX CO! PL Rumble seat, trotik: aide aissts; JPV UjJ Eastaa. l1 Eard oaaeT rear bar: Ills.

PIUI.BLRT Al 3lJALES. S4.I4) f.n. 32 OLDS R. S. COUPE $60 TRIANGLE DOHGE-PI TMOITH tOWSI JI.IMgsOV AT AR8ENAL Vr3 8fTANt ATM RV-ini -door sedaa: model (it Prtred to sen.

PHII.P.IRT. 5ta OtmH. IS' CHEVROLET "f-EDAsT Oood family ear; 81 4-7. M75 Lastoa. 34 CHE V.

MAST. SEDAN, $85 TRIAVf.lP DOnr.E-PT.TMOlTH DOVTV JtMllsON AT ARM.NAL 4.Randsa l3l CORD--dweBvesliWe 'iiad'aa: wire wheels: 8857 tsrtss. 1331 HUPMCBIL cyiiiuier seaaa. sis. 3857 Ess'nn is.v; Plymouth l-lnsr sWdaa, with trank i-t.

Easton. '34 PLYMOUThrSEDAN $75 TRI AXGI.E DOnr.E-PI TMOrTH BOW 31 ITf.RSON AT ARWf-SIAL ORaad 130 POKTIAC 4coor esn a real bay. 8125. PHILBERT ACTO. 38 Oravot.

iViTwil LYS--4-da sedan; rnns gvs4 373. XX.1J Easton. "If you'd get them one of those used-car values in the Star-Times classified section wouldn't have to go to i Dto. so early; IT.

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What is the one place in St. Louis that you are excited to visit? ›

The Gateway Arch is St Louis' iconic monument, built in the early 1960s to honor the frontiersmen who went westward and discovered the Great Plains and beyond.

What is good about living in St. Louis? ›

Louis is home to more than 301,000 residents and many big-city amenities, the living costs in the city are reasonable. The low housing costs are also a major draw. St. Louis is home to many amazing attractions, including museums, performing arts centers, stadiums and more.

Why is St. Louis so famous? ›

St. Louis is known for the Gateway Arch, the tallest monument constructed in the United States at 630 feet (190 m). The Arch pays homage to Thomas Jefferson and St. Louis's position as the gateway to the West.

What is unique to St. Louis? ›

1. Gateway Arch National Park. The monument that gave St. Louis the nickname “The Gateway City”, the Gateway Arch is a must see for anyone visiting.

What is the rich area in St. Louis? ›

What are the wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis? The wealthiest suburbs of St. Louis include Ladue, Town and Country, and Clayton.

What is the nicest area of St. Louis Missouri? ›

Central West End. Central West End is commonly referred to as St. Louis's coolest neighborhood. The neighborhood combines vibrant parks with collections of restaurants, pubs and attractions.

How much do you need to live comfortably in St. Louis? ›

According to SmartAsset, a single person needs to make an hourly wage of $42.96 or an annual pre-tax salary of $89,357 to truly “live comfortably” in St. Louis. The study took cost-of-living data in mind for nearly 100 major U.S. cities considered the 50/30/20 budget concept, which suggests…

What food is St. Louis known for? ›

Food associated with St. Louis
  • Frozen custard concrete.
  • Gerber sandwich.
  • Gooey butter cake.
  • Mayfair salad dressing.
  • Provel cheese.
  • St. Louis-style barbecue.
  • St. Louis-style pizza.
  • St. Paul sandwich.

Does St. Louis have the worst crime rate? ›

Louis as the third “most dangerous” city in the United States. Only Detroit, Michigan, and Baltimore, Maryland, were deemed more dangerous than St. Louis in the rankings. Norada's findings were presented in a blog called “Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in America.”

What is a person from St. Louis called? ›

People from St. Louis are generally called St. Louisans. This follows the pattern for many cities and states.

Does anyone famous live in St. Louis? ›

Other celebrities

Grammy Award-winning hip hop recording artist Nelly, two-time Tony awards recipient Norbert Leo, and the world's greatest athlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee reside in St. Louis. Did you know that Tina Turner lived in St.

What is the nickname for St. Louis? ›

Louis is known by various unique nicknames, including 'Gateway to the West,' 'The Mound City,' and occasionally 'Rome of the West. ' However, several lesser-known nicknames are associated with St. Louis. 'Home of the Blues' is common, primarily due to the St.

What's something everyone from STL knows? ›

27 Things People From St. Louis Have To Explain To Out-Of-Towners
  • Everyone Eats Concrete And It's Scrumptious. ...
  • The Best Races Are In The Sky. ...
  • All Cakes Should Have This Much Butter. ...
  • Locals Wear Red And Bleed Blue. ...
  • Forget New Orleans, This Is One Of The Best Parties In The Country. ...
  • St. ...
  • St. ...
  • People Come From All Over For This.

What are the biggest issues facing St. Louis? ›

Deep racial inequities, compounded by an unprecedented pandemic, economic recession, and wave of violence have brought St. Louis to a crossroads, one we've been at before, and families across our city are on the brink.

What was St. Louis called before? ›

Philippe speedily moved to the new settlement on the west bank, causing it to expand immediately into what came to be known as Laclede's village. However, the official name of St. Louis was given to the village by its founder in honor of the Crusader King, Louis IX of France.

What is the tourist street in St. Louis? ›

The Delmar Loop, or simply The Loop as it is known to most St. Louis residents, is a popular and thriving entertainment, cultural and restaurant district in University City, Missouri, and adjoining western edge of St. Louis near Washington University and Forest Park.

Is St. Louis worth visiting? ›

Saint Louis is most famous for its blues and live music scene, its authentic personality, and its position as the Gateway to the West. The city is very popular for its museums. It is also known for its great shopping. And many visitors also come to this city for its food and nightlife.

What is the most walkable part of St. Louis? ›

If you're looking for the most walkable part of St. Louis, look no further than its bustling city center. Downtown St. Louis has very walkable streets and numerous small parks, in addition to plenty of entertainment and dining options.

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