Restaurants You Need To Try In Nairobi Kenya (2024)

Nairobi’s multicultural restaurant scene is attracting cutting-edge, globe-traveling culinary talent. Kenya’s bustling capital is already renowned for its innovative fashion designers, stunning landscapes and tea and coffee trade, but it should also be recognized for its fast-growing foodie culture. From slow-cooked Indian BBQ to sushi with a view, here are the ten best spots to eat in Nairobi.

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Located in picturesque Karen, home to the sought-after Kitengela glass-blowers and local wildlife park, Tamarind cooks up the best in Kenyan seafood. The menu is continental and offers an extensive selection of seafood and meat dishes. Local favorites include deep-fried crab claws and garlic jumbo prawns. The elegant and serene space is inviting and perfect for sampling a cold glass of a South African sauvignon blanc. Don’t be put off if you’re not a fan of seafood, Tamarind’s vegetarian and meat selection are widely recognized as being equally exceptional.


Misono is Nairobi’s choice of all things Japanese: sushi, sashimi and local favorite teppenyaki. Situated in the bustling heart of Ngong, this family-run gem oozes a sophisticated and indulgent dining experience. The downstairs is equipped with three teppenyaki tables, while the upstairs à la carte seating is elegant and refined. Try the local lobster from Lake Naivasha that features on the six-course teppenyaki menu or the dynamite and California rolls to order.


Grilled Kenyan Angus beef and seafood off the Mombasa Coastline are the order of the day at Tatu Steakhouse. A beautiful contrast to the historic setting of the Fairmont Norfolk Hotel in which it is based, the open-plan kitchen and minimalist African decor create a contemporary stage for its food. With its newly opened patio, the Kenyan sunshine is the best way to enjoy Tatu’s specialty ostrich steak cooked medium rare with chunky fries and a cold Tusker beer. Alternatively, the co*cktail a delicious alternative anytime of the day.

Maru’s Bhajia Cafe

For the ultimate savory fast food, Maru’s Bhajia Cafe hits the spot. It was originally established as a drive-thru on River Road, capitalizing on the hoards of coach passengers to Mombasa; however, Maru’s Bhajia Café has now settled exceedingly well into it’s new home in the hustle and bustle of Diamond Plaza. Expect good, simple food such as crunchy turmeric yellow bhajia’s served on paper plates adorned with lashings of tomato chutney and tamarind. Wash this down with a cold glass of fresh tree tomato juice from the food court.

AA Mithaiwalla

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It’s all about biryani and mithai’s at AA Mithaiwalla, one of Nairobi’s few long-standing culinary establishments. Founded over 50 years ago by Abdulahi Alibhai Mithaiwalla, his son, Shabir takes pride in continuing the family legacy. This is a welcoming eatery loved by the locals in Pangani for its array of affordable sweet and savory Indian treats. Favorites like lamb biryani and malai ka khaja offer up a taste of traditional Mughlai cuisine preserved by the founder’s own Indian heritage. This quaint hot spot, ten minutes from the CBD, is best for impromptu takeaways and casual dining.

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Mambo Italia

Making their own gelato on site, this beautiful Italian restaurant is all about tasty, no fuss dining. Hidden within the Lavington Curve Mall, you’ll find long wooden tables, colorful chairs, and an open-plan kitchen. The menu takes Italian classics and re-invents dishes as inspired by local Swahili cuisine. Try the Swahili beach pizza adorned with a coconut curry sauce and finished with coriander and red onion. If you’ve still got room for dessert, the refreshing chocolate and fresh mint gelato is delightful.


The New York Times has proclaimed Talisman Nairobi’s best restaurant. Its interior comprises Middle Eastern tapestry and Kenyan craft, and Talisman is the place to go for unrivaled candle-lit al fresco dining. It plays host to a series of regular exhibitions on African art and hosts monthly foodie events. The continental menu stretches from Japan to Zanzibar, Limuru to Mombasa. Start with the feta and coriander samosa’s doused in chili-ginger jam, followed by the deluxe burger layered with apple slaw, bacon and cheese, and finish with smooth and spicy Turkish coffee paired with famous Malindi Indian halwa. Booking is highly recommended.

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Restaurants You Need To Try In Nairobi Kenya (2024)
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