Phoenix Ascending: Rising from the Ashes - Chapter 8 - poetic_wizard - Harry Potter (2024)

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A day has passed since their return from the land of the dead, a place which turned their lives 180 degrees. Everyone dispersed since there was too much information to digest in a day. They agreed to meet the next day in Diagon Alley to continue purchasing and to discuss their next move.

As Isabella sat with her parents in the cosy living room of the place she had called home for 17 years, she gazed at them with a mix of disbelief and gratitude. Her heart swelled with an overwhelming sense of surrealism as she revisited the memory of casting the Obliviation Charm on them, erasing their memories to ensure their safety. It was a bittersweet experience to witness the recognition in their eyes, a feeling she had lost hope of ever experiencing again. Reflecting on her gratitude to Lady Death for granting her a second chance with her parents, she made a solemn decision. She vowed to use all her abilities to train them in magic, equipping them to stand their ground in the face of potential danger. She realized that hiding was not a viable solution this time, especially with the vast resources of magic and knowledge at their disposal. Knowing her parents' unwavering determination, she understood that they would never agree to hide, so she resolved to prepare them for any circ*mstance that might arise.

With this resolve, she approached them to know their opinions on this and to plan ahead accordingly. She was surprised to learn they had decided to move into the Granger Manor with all their belongings without further ado and, on top of that, planned a nearly perfect distraction for Dumbledore in case he dropped by. After a few changes here and there, they called for the Granger house elves who helped them in shifting the majority of their belongings, keeping a few items such as suitcases, with them for their decoy. After everything was sent, they asked the elves to keep the manor for their accommodation and requested one of them to stay back. As per the plan, everyone loaded their luggage in the boot of the car and Mrs Granger informed the neighbours that they were going on an international trip and would not be back before September mentioning to keep an eye on the kitchen garden they have. They departed from their ex-residence and after driving for a while stopped. As if on cue the House elf whose name was Toby, clicked her fingers and they popped away to their new home.

The Granger Manor was huge, like Hogwarts huge. They were thankful for the help of house elves otherwise it would definitely have been a hassle to do chores. After arranging everything and getting the house tour by Hectare, the Head elf, they settled in the parlour and called for high tea. It was a much-needed break with some family time after the hectic day. They rejoiced old times and promised each other to not keep any secrets between them not that everyone was on the same page. After their meal, they headed to the Lord's study to repower the ward stone and renew the wards surrounding the manor.

On reaching the study, Lord Granger somehow already knew what he had to do as if the family magic was guiding him. He took out a dagger from the desk drawer sliced his palm, smeared the blood on the ward stone located on the wall behind the desk and whispered, "Familius Magicus".
"I, Richmond Nathaniel Granger, by blood, by right, by the sacred magic of our lineage, reclaim the wards of Granger Manor. So have I sworn; so mote it be." As soon as he completed his oath, the wards shifted to his command. He felt their presence in the back of his mind an awareness in his subconscious that was notifying him about everything happening inside the manor.

After setting up the magical protective barriers around the manor, his first priority was to ensure the safety of his wife, daughter, and their close companion Hadrian. Recognizing Hadrian's significance in his daughter's life, he included him in the wards. To further safeguard their home, he cast the Fidelius Charm, becoming the secret keeper himself. He entrusted the secret of the manor's location to his family, intending to share it with Hadrian in due time. Additionally, he designated his wife as his representative in case of any unforeseen emergencies.

Letting the ancient family magic be his guide, he instinctively led them to an unnoticed, dusty corner in the far left of the room. With quiet determination, he pressed his palm against a small, intricate engraving on the wall. Suddenly, the wall rumbled and slowly slid open, revealing a mysterious, dimly lit passageway that seemed to stretch endlessly into the unknown. Despite the nervousness in the air, they found themselves filled with an unwavering trust in the ancient magic that coursed through their veins as they ventured forth into the enigmatic passage together.

The passageway was constructed of rough-hewn stone and illuminated by torches that cast flickering shadows along its length. As they made their way through the winding tunnels, the air grew colder, suggesting that they were descending further underground. After what seemed like an eternity of navigating the labyrinthine passages, they finally arrived at a massive pair of iron doors. Trusting their instincts, they pressed their hands against the ancient handles, allowing the magic in their blood to activate the mechanism. After a tense moment, there was a distinct click, and the doors slowly swung open, granting them access to the chamber beyond.

After a series of amazed gasps and awestruck whispers, they beheld the hidden treasure beneath the castle. The room was filled with several rows and columns of family heirlooms, cabinets brimming with dazzling jewellery, a wall adorned with magical portraits of their ancestors, shelves lined with ancient books, grimoires, and accolades, and heaps of galleons, sickles, and knuts. However, their main focus was on a display showcasing various wands once used by their family across the centuries. Each wand was labelled with the name of its user. Although they knew they would eventually receive wands that matched their magical cores, they would have to make do with spare wands, in the meantime. Lord Granger approached the display and meticulously examined each wand, searching for one that resonated with his magic. After settling on a wand that had belonged to his great-great-great grandfather, he noticed his wife engaged in a similar process. It dawned on him that the wand once used by his mother would now be wielded by his wife.

Isabella lingered near the shelf, observing the delight on her parent's faces as they eagerly selected wands. She hadn't expected them to be so enthusiastic about being involved in her magical world. Seeing them choosing wands filled her with a sense of contentment she hadn't known before. She also needed a spare wand for emergencies, but she and Hades had plans for that, plans that some might view as leaning toward the dark side, but they weren't worried about it. After watching her parents for a while, she went to the section housing the books. There, she not only found old, forgotten books but also stumbled upon the family grimoire. Recognizing its importance, she called upon her father, the head of the family, to access it. Once she had informed him, she turned her attention to the other books, ensuring that none escaped her notice before finally leaving the aisle.

As soon as they emerged from the underground, they devoted the remainder of the day to familiarizing themselves with the wands and revisiting the fundamentals of magic, all under the guidance of Isabella. Despite having only recently regained their memories of the magical realm, they demonstrated a keen understanding, quickly grasping the intricacies of spell casting. Their practice sessions extended until dinnertime, after which they retired to bed, having enjoyed a scrumptious feast prepared by the diligent house elves in honour of their return. Anticipation for the upcoming extensive schedule loomed, making the following day seem rather daunting.

They still had a long way to go before reclaiming their former control over their magic, but at least it was a beginning.

Phoenix Ascending: Rising from the Ashes - Chapter 8 - poetic_wizard - Harry Potter (2024)
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