Obsessed Security Breach: Various Yandere FNAF Security Breach X OC - Chapter 2 - TheYandereSpecialistEPICNESSQUEEN (2024)

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(Early afternoon)

"It's lunchtime rockstars! Feel free to grab a fresh, hot pizza and some Fizzy-faz, or get some rocking shakes at Bonnie bowl! Additional charges may apply." A voice came over the intercom as the day guard watched every child run to their favorite place to eat, except one.

She noticed a boy, off to the sides. He was just hiding in the shadows. That wasn't normal. She was about to walk over before Vanessa came over. "hey!" She said as Marie turned around

"oh! Hi Vanessa." She said as Vanessa smiled. "So--hows your first week going?" "Oh it's you know- going. It's a little odd having mostly security bits rather than people though." She admitted.

"Yeah you get use to that, most of the place is run by bots." She says nervously she was hoping at the end of Marie's shift to ask her on a date

"yeah you said it." She said her eyes never leaving the child before looking in front of her as they pass the daycare

"Why did they choose those designs for the day care staff?" She asks as they stop for a second.

She looked over at the only day care attendant there, a yellow animatronic with the sun and crescent moon face skipping around with the children, talking about a puppet show.

"Honestly I have no idea, the only rules there are to not have the lights turn off."

"Oh- those are the only rules?"

"Only rules listed."

"Oh." She says and blinks. "What happens if the lights do go o-"

Suddenly the lights went off and Sun started freaking out.

The pair looked over before the lights came right back on as Vanessa sighed, seemingly not on edge. "he can turn into Moon."

"Oh!" She says shocked. That was not good.

She didn't know what turning into Moon meant but if Vanessa said it was bad then it must be. care center was closing for their clean up and it was Marie's first day locking it up after words. She waited for the cleaning bots to finish when the sun jester came up to her. She looked up at him confused as to why he was near her.

Why was he so close. "Your new hear! Do you work the night shift? I hope you know the one rule."

"Huh> O-Oh no I'm a day time staff, I won't be here late, except tonight." she said as the Animatronic looked at her, still moving around before smiling. "Okie dokie! Well, come back anytime! If you like glitter glue, I got lots"

He ran back in and she smiled. She finished lock up and then left. Okay that was done, now there was just Freddy's final show. The Finale their biggest show they called it, a way to bring kids coming back for more. She walked up and made sure no kids were trying to get on stage. She sometimes felt like security for a bunch of super stars. That is a nicer thought than protecting robots from getting sticky and nasty from faz drinks and and pizza. had she been a child, she would have loved this place. She was watching when she noticed Freddy was stuttering as her eyes widen as she cleared the children from the area as he fell.

The kids cried out in panic think Freddy was dead. They had to start closing early and Maintenance took Freddy to be taken care of. Parents were demanding a refund as Marie marks every kid by their profile. Odd She got every kid on the list. But that little boy... did he sneak in. She grips the pad she better find him. She Glad She is staying late tonight anyways and with that she rushes off.

Vanessa looked at her as she felt annoyed. Dammit.

(time skip)

Marie made her way everywhere throughout the facility. This was not good. It is almost full closing. She was horrified being unabe to find him before hearing noise from freddy's room as she took a breath. Was he in with Freddy. She quickly opens the door and rushes in to see the boy climbing in the vent. Freddy blocked her from following.

She jumped at that. "Freddy! You're alright!" She said, she had formed an appreciation for the animatronics, despite them not being alive and really able to think, she still loved their different personalities, honestly she was even envious of Roxanne and her ego.

"Yes I am." He says and turns her around. "You did not see anything yes?" He asks.

"Freddy..I know your hiding the child, however he needs to leave, if he doesn't have somewhere nice to stay than we can figure it out, but what if he has a family waiting for him?

"That, that is a good point..." Freddy says nervously.

"please Fred? I also need to help him before I leave..can you let me in?" She asked as Freddy let her in.

"Freddy why would you let her in?! Please don't take me away." The kid said as she blinked.

"Kid, I have to escort you out-" he shook his head.

"Marie isn't like the other security guard Gregory." Freddy said. "I'm sure she can help us." Marie looked up at that and smiled

She then knelt in front of him. "It is okay, I am a stranger, your must know what your talking about if you are not suppose to talk to strangers. But I promise my goal is just to get you to safety and make sure your okay, I will even buy us diner after this."

He looked at her and nodded. He got in Freddy as it will be safer for him and Marie walked with Freddy escorting him down to the tunnels.

Obsessed Security Breach: Various Yandere FNAF Security Breach X OC - Chapter 2 - TheYandereSpecialistEPICNESSQUEEN (2024)


Who is Vanny under her mask? ›

After Freddy sacrifices himself to send Vanny plummeting her demise, Gregory unmasks her to discover that, surprise, surprise, Vannesa is the one beneath the mask.

Is Vanessa FNAF a robot? ›

Vanessa, otherwise known as Vanny or the Reluctant Follower, is a human who followed the orders of Glitchtrap.

What happens to Afton after Security Breach? ›

The Pizzaplex was built atop the ruined eatery, with Gregory and Freddy finding and exploring it during the final moments of Security Breach's Afton ending. While there, they found a resurrected version of William Afton in the ruins and destroyed him.

Is there a happy ending in Security Breach? ›

To get the Good ending, you must obtain Level 7 Security Clearance before 06:00. When it hits 06:00, choose to 'Stay' when prompted by Freddy and then make your way together to the Loading Docks. Using your Security Clearance, go through the 'Exit to Docks' door and choose the option to 'Leave' at the exit beyond this.

Who possesses Glitchtrap? ›

William Afton also possesses burntrap, glitchtrap and scraptrap.

Is William Afton real? ›

William Afton is a fictional character whose presence in the series 'Five Nights at Freddy's' has made a significant impact on the whole gaming industry.

Why does Vanessa jumpscare you? ›

While Vanessa normally can only jumpscare the player during the sequence in which Gregory looks around Rockstar Row for the Party Pass, through hacking it can be discovered that Vanessa can be triggered to jumpscare the player during the sequence when she walks outside Freddy's room at the start of the game and during ...

Is Vanessa FNAF a bad guy? ›

Vanessa helps Mike take down the animatronics and is injured by her father. She ends up in a coma, but Mike vows to be there for her when she wakes up. In the games, Vanessa is a more villainous character who is not related to Afton. The movie combines elements from her character to Elizabeth Afton.

What is Chica's real name in FNAF? ›

Freddy Fazbear is Gabriel, one of the 5 missing children. Chica the Chicken is Susie, one of the 5 missing children. Bonnie the Bunny is Jeremy, one of the 5 missing children. Foxy the Pirate Fox is Fritz, one of the 5 missing children.

Why does William Afton turn purple? ›

His sprite color always ranges from various tones of purple depending on the minigame, although he was pink in two minigames and possibly orange in one. It is worth noting that he appears purple because he's simply hiding in the shadows, not because he's actually purple.

Did Michael Afton get fired? ›

Remember Mike & Fritz were both fired for also tampering with the animatronics. In FNAF 1 Phone Guy says that the animatronics had never been washed.

Why does Roxanne cry in security breach? ›

Throughout the game, she taunts and insults Gregory. However, as revealed later on in the game, Roxy is shown to be somewhat insecure about herself, as her failures to catch Gregory cause her to act less confident. After being shattered, she cries inconsolably and laments that no one will love her in her current state.

Who is possessing Vanny? ›

In the FNAF film, Vanessa first appears as a Security Guard, a role she uses to get close to Night Guard Mike Schmidt and his young sister Abby.. Well, that's because Vanessa, aka Vanny, is a possessed follower of the digital virus Glitchtrap, a form of the serial killer William Afton..

Why does Vanessa turn into Vanny? ›

Vanessa's traumatic experiences and potential split personality may lead to her transformation into Vanny, as hinted in the film. Her origins and role in the series replace those of a major villain, Elizabeth, and may have significant implications for the future of the franchise.

Is Vanessa Michael Afton's daughter? ›

Vanessa showing the animatronics off to Mike. She's a patrol officer and daughter of child serial killer William Afton. Despite assisting Afton in covering up his murders, as well as lying to Mike and Abby about her true identity, she ultimately redeems herself when she helps them defeat her father.

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