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“Alright, so what do you have?” Chitose asked as she sat down in her office.

They were at Gunga Mountain Villa, a backup site of theirs where they could run the MLA if something happened to Deika City. It was here where the rest of the surviving executives would put their cases to the prefecture commanders on who should lead them after Re-Destro’s murder.

And she meant surviving executives, as in addition to Trumpet, Skeptic and Geten, three more executives were murdered during the two-week mourning period, all under suspicious circ*mstances.

“Not much,” sh*t Post replied, looking at her phone. “I’ve found nothing on Lynx’s movements before the prefecture commanders appointed her as Re-Destro’s replacement. After that, her movements were easier to track. But I’ve found nothing linking her to Re-Destro’s death”.

Chitose nodded. Lynx was clearly covering her tracks. Finding out if she was behind all the recent murders was going to be a challenge. “What about Re-Destro and the others? Do we know how they died?”.

sh*t Post nodded. “A strong paralysing agent was used on them, strong enough to completely paralyse a large herd of elephants. And by paralyse I mean completely paralysed. Their entire bodies were paralysed, lungs and heart included. From what they could tell, they were only paralysed for five minutes, but, since they weren’t breathing and the heart wasn’t pumping, well, cardiac arrest isn’t a nice way to go. They would have died within three to four minutes. The brain can only last so long without oxygen”.

Chitose nodded. Someone really wanted to be sure that they died in that room. But why? Who would want that? “Any idea what paralysing agent was used?”.

sh*t Post shook her head. “No. They're still trying to find that out. All they know is that it was created using a quirk. There are a few potential suspects who can make something like the agent that was used, but they're all in other countries”.

“I see,” Chitose said. So, a strong, quirk-based paralysing agent, with all known suspects in foreign countries. Looks like they were no closer to finding out who was behind this. There were a few suspects closer to home, but no proof. “Thanks,” she said as she stood up. “It’s not what I was hoping for, but it’s better than nothing. Keep your ears open for anything else, we need to find out who’s responsible for this,” she said as she walked towards the door.

“Roger that,” sh*t Post said as she followed her.

The two left the room and made their way to the meeting room. It wasn’t a long walk. Once they arrived they found their seats and sat down. The rest of the executives and prefecture commanders were either already seated or were walking in. Among them was someone who she was going to be keeping a close eye on.


She was a lean woman with some cat-like features, noticeably a thin face, long black hair and eyes like a cat. Her fingers had claw-like fingernails on them. Most notable of all was the utterly smug look on her face.

Back in the old days, Chitose could say that she was one of her closest friends. But today, she had to resist the urge to punch her in the face and demand she tell her what she was doing with her husband whilst strangling her!

Ok, maybe she was overreacting. But that didn’t change the fact that she still wanted answers from her.

Soon everyone who needed to be there had arrived and sat down, and the meeting started.

“Thank you all for being here,” Chitose said diplomatically. “I know the past two weeks haven’t been great. Re-Destro’s death was unexpected and his killers are still out there. But, as painful as this is to say, we need someone to replace him. He left no successor, so, to keep the MLA alive, we must choose who should lead us now. So, without further ado, we shall begin. Now then, who will make their case first?”.

“Oh, I think you should be the first to start, Curious,” Lynx said. “After all, you are the only surviving member of his inner circle”.

Ah, so that’s what her game is. Try to make her look suspicious. Well, that’s not going to work today, bitch.

“Oh, I think you misunderstand,” Chitose said with a smile. “I’m not in the running for the next commander. I’m here to help the prefecture commanders vote for Re-Destro’s successor. As the last surviving member of his inner circle, I am one of the few here who knows what he will be looking for in a successor. And since I myself am in no position to take over the MLA, I’ve got way too much to deal with in my personal life at the moment to take up his position, and am in desperate need of some time off! So I’ll aid the prefecture commanders with their decision”.

She could already see the snarl Lynx was trying to hide. Clearly, she was annoyed by her decision to abstain. So let’s tick her off some more.

“In addition,” Chitose continued. “I would like to say this. Can we all agree that, whoever becomes the new leader of the MLA, their first priority should be to find out who murdered Re-Destro. If there are traitors within our mists they must be found, otherwise whoever replaces him may meet the same fate as him. Bringing about the liberation of Meta abilities can wait until we’ve identified and captured all those responsible for this. After all, those behind the grand commander's death may not stop until the entire MLA has been destroyed”.

There was a murmur of agreement from both the executives and prefecture commanders. Good, her scare tactic worked. Now that everyone in the room was well aware of the possible danger possessed by the continued existence of those behind Re-Destro’s death, they’ll be a lot easier to manipulate. Hopefully, it’s enough to sway the vote away from Lynx.

Lynx herself was clearly not happy about this turn of events, but you’d only know that if you knew the woman well. To everyone else, she looked to agree as well, but in reality, she hated this turn of events.

Once that was over, all the executives made their cases as to why they should Re-Destro's successor. Chitose listened closely, weighing the pros and cons of each and every one of them, even Lynx. But, if she was going to be honest, no matter who was chosen, none of them would ever measure up to Re-Destro. It just wouldn't be the same without him to lead them.

Once everyone had made their case, the executives left the room whilst those who remained discussed which one of them would be appointed as the new grand commander.

During the discussion, Notice, the prefecture commander of Hyogo prefecture, someone she knew well and an old member of Skeptic’s team, sat down next to her. “You don’t trust Lynx, don’t you”.

Chitose carefully looked back at him from the corner of her eye. Of course he’ll have seen the subtle changes in Lynx’s face. Notice is, well, good at noticing subtle changes in things. It’s his Meta ability, subtle detection. From facial expressions and body movement to temperature and humidity. Even sound! If there’s a subtle change in anything, he will notice it.

“Good, neither do I,” Notice whispered. “Yes I did vote for her to be the new leader during the last vote, but at the time we were under the impression that she was the only executive left. By the time we realised that she wasn’t, she was able to worm her way out of suspicion thanks to the confusion Re-Destro’s death caused. We didn’t know what was going on or how many people in addition to him had died. Some of us thought we were under attack”.

Ok, so that explained why they jumped the gun. If the MLA was under attack then they would need to get a new leader as soon as possible. Sounds like someone was manipulating information on what was going on. Lynx was clearly behind this somehow. She just needed to find proof that she was. And maybe, whatever she was doing with her husband behind her back.

Once the discussion was over, the executives were allowed back in.

“Alright,” Chitose said, she wasn’t exactly happy with the results, but she had a gut feeling that no matter what happened, this was always going to be the end result. “Thank you all for waiting. We’ve finished our discussion, and have come to a final decision,” she could already see the smug look on Lynx’s face. “The new-”.

“The temperature’s gone down,” Notice suddenly said.

All talk stopped as everyone turned towards him.

“What are you talking about?” Lynx asked, sounding annoyed.

“The temperature in the room just went down by two degrees,” Notice explained. “And it’s still going down”.

“No one’s adjusted the thermostat,” someone added.

That got everyone's attention. No adjustment to the thermostat meant that the temperature drop was being caused by someone else, someone with an ice, cold or temperature adjustment quirk.

Chitose shivered, finally noticing the temperature change. It was starting to get cold now, cold enough that their breath was now visible.

What was causing this?

sh*t post suddenly dropped her phone, a horrified look on her face. “We’re f*cked”.

Before Chitose could ask what had gotten her so terrified, a very loud voice interrupted them.

“What do you mean you forgot the song!” a loud female Russian voice said from the other side of the door.

All eyes in the room turned towards the double doors.

“Who the hell is that?” one of the executives asked.

“Someone call security!” Lynx shouted.

“Look! Look, screw it! Screw it!” the voice said again. “Just take my phone and hit random! No! Just hit random! OK! Three! Two!” The double doors were suddenly kicked open and four people Chitose was wishing she’d never meet in person stood in the now open door, with ‘Bitch’ by Meredith Brooks playing in the background.

The majority of people in the room were as equally horrified as Chitose was, safe for Lynx, as she just looked annoyed.

The lead figure was a tall woman with long, snow-white hair, ice-blue eyes, and wearing a white jacket that did little to hide her bust, black high-heel boots, black pantyhose, a garter belt over each thigh, and a large white coat she wore like a cape. Standing in the doorway like she owned the place, with a guy who looked like Loki from the MCU, a man who looked to be made of ice wearing a very nice suit, and the most terrifying witch in the northern hemisphere, standing behind her.


God! Please! Why were these four terrors here?!

“Now ok, turn it off, turn it off!” the woman in front said as the music stopped. “It didn’t work!”.

“On the country,” a Chitose who was so very glad that she had gone to the toilet five minutes prior because she was certain that the chair she was sitting on would have a yellow stain on it now, said shakily. “It very much did work”.

Considering she could hear a slight dripping sound, despite no one having spilt their drink, someone had lost control of their bowels.

That was going to have to be cleaned up later.

“Who the hell are you people!?” Lynx demanded, being the only one who didn’t look like they were about to sh*t themselves and looked more irritated than horrified.

Chitose gulped. Clearly, the woman had no idea who these people were, otherwise, she wouldn't have been so aggressive towards them. “Lynx,” she said as calmly as she could. “Please, would you kindly shut up before you get us all killed! Also how do you not know who these people are?”.

Lynx shrugged. “Should I?”.

Chitose almost went pale, as did most of the people not standing up. Lynx could not be this stupid, couldn’t she? She had to have been paying attention to things going on elsewhere in the world. She couldn’t be-.

Oh god, Lynx was not only an idiot, but her idiocy was going to get them and the entire MLA killed!

“Yes, you really, really, should,” Chitose said as she stood up and walked around the table so that she was standing as close to the newcomers as she believed was safe given the circ*mstances. “Let me give you a refresher on who these people are so that you don’t say or do something that could get the entire MLA removed from life. And no, I’m not joking,” she said before she suddenly zipped over to the man made of ice. “This man right here is Jack Frost, AKA, the reason why Finland no longer has top ten heroes! Period! Because he kept freezing them all solid!” the villain in question grinned smugly. “And yes, he is Finland’s most wanted villain!”.

And boy did she really not want to be standing within arms reach of the man.

She moved on to the Loki cosplayer. “This is Loki, Sweden’s most wanted villain. If you're familiar with Nordic myths then you’ll probably have a good idea of the kind of chaos he’s been causing. If not, look it up, he’s done a lot and I don’t even know where to start with him. And no, he does not naturally look like Tom Hiddleston, unfortunately-” and wasn’t that a disappointment. “-He’s just using his quirk”.

She then moved on to the tall woman with the large wolf standing beside her. “Crymaria Levin. AKA the Winter Witch. Need I say more?” she asked before she looked over to Lynx and grumbled, realising that she did need to say more. “She’s the reason why Scandinavia as well as northern Russia are eternity in winter, and why you need an icebreaker to move across the Baltic Sea!”.

And didn’t that negatively affect the trout population?

She then moved on to the most dangerous woman in the room. “And this is Stalingrad! The most wanted villain in all of Europe! She destroyed Russia's previous number one hero school. Twice! A-”.

“Wait!!!” Stalingrad suddenly said, causing Chitose to go pale. “When did I destroy Zhukov Hero Academy twice?”.

“First time was during one of the rare times you’ve actually been drunk,” Loki replied. “The second time was after they rebuilt it and said that the defences had been upgraded and that not even you could breach them”.

“Which was when you decided to prove them wrong,” Jack Frost added. “By destroying the school again and making it impossible to be rebuilt”.

Crymaria just shook her head. “How did you manage to forget about that? You were bragging about it for weeks”.

“Ah!” Stalingrad said, remembering the first time she destroyed the school in question. Probably. Maybe. We honestly can’t be sure. “Continue!”.

Chitose quickly dragged her soul back into her body and continued, body still white as snow. “A-a-and is also the leader of the New Children of Stalin. After she wiped out the old Children of Stalin in the wake of the Kremlin bombing,” she managed to get out before her body finally gave way and fainted. The close proximity of Europe’s most wanted villains had taken its toll on her.

“I’m going to be honest, that’s the first time someone’s fainted just from being near me!” Stalingrad remarked as she looked down at the unconscious woman beside her.

“Yeah,” Jack Frost said. “That normally doesn't happen”.

sh*t Post decided to use the opportunity to drag Chitose back to her seat, trying to ignore the intimidating presence of the four big league villains. Which was all but impossible considering who they were.

Once she was a safe distance away from them, Chitose woke back up. “Together, they make the League of Ice,” she continued, letting that bit of information sink in a bit. “Yes, four of the world's most dangerous and deadly villains, working together. They are in a completely different league compared to us. So I hope you understand why I don’t want you to do or say anything that could piss them off because they will cream us! Also, when did I get over here?” she said, only just noticing she was being dragged backwards.

“You fainted boss,” sh*t Post replied as she helped Chitose back onto her chair.

“Ah,” Chitose said as she made herself comfortable. Not easy with those four around.

By now Lynx was well aware of the danger these four posseed and knew better than getting on their bad side. But, she still wanted to know why they were here. This was Japan after all. Villains, powerful villains with a lot of credibility don’t often pop up around here, and if they do they don’t last long before someone like All Might showed up and defeated them. Big-name villains rarely show up, with Stain the hero killer being the only known example that came to mind, being a villain for over two years. So why were these four here? “And you invited these people here because?”.

“Lynx,” Chitose said. “Do I look like someone who has the influence to summon the League of Ice here? Do I even look insane enough to do something so monumentally stupid to summon those four to Japan? It’s like asking America to drop another nuke on us! That is how stupid this is!”.

Lynx nodded. Yeah, she should have known that Chitose wasn’t the one who brought them here. She’s not that suicidal. “So then, why are they here?”.

“That would be because of me,” a young-sounding voice replied.

Everyone’s attention focused back on the door as the four members of the League of Ice parted to reveal a young boy, probably about the same age as Chiharu, walked in between them.

The boy had light orange hair and ice-blue eyes, prominently long, pointed nose and obtruding chin. He wore a white shirt under a black suit with matching trousers. There was also a stress ball in his right hand.

Chitose blinked several times, clearing her eyes to make sure that she was seeing this right. The boy looked familiar, very familiar.

“And who are you,” Lynx asked, looking like she was not at all happy about this.

“Apologies,” the boy said. “Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Itsumi Yotsubashi, but you can call me, Neo-Destro,” he said as he made the MLA salute, and black markings appeared around his eyes, forming something that resembled a mask.

Everyone’s jaws dropped. The bombshell that had been dropped on them silenced them all.

Chitose realised where she had seen him, well, someone like him, before. From a photo of Re-Destro when he was younger. Change the hair and eyes, and this boy would be an almost carbon copy of the grand commander.

“I am Rikiya Yotsubashi son and heir,” Itsumi continued. “The next Destro to succeed the last! And the new leader of the MLA. Not that I’m happy about this unfortunate turn of events. I had expected to be a little bit older before something like this happened. But, we had to foresight to at least start preparing me for this task at a young age”.

Chitose broke. The grand commander, Re-Destro, Rikiya Yotsubashi, the leader of the MLA. Married Stalingrad! Out of all the women in the world, he had to marry the Destroyer of Hero Schools! How? How the hell did he manage to marry her, let alone get into bed with her without dying?

“You… her… mother… married… Re-Destro…” she muttered before fainting again, landing on the floor with a thud.

“Well, I think we can all agree that she was not aware of any of this,” sh*t Post remarked, really wishing she was somewhere else. Preferably somewhere in space, well away from this planet.

“B-b-but the grand commander never married!” Lynx said, sounding like someone who was going through an existential crisis. “How do we know that this boy is genuinely Re-Destro’s child? For all we know this is a ploy to-”.

Stalingrad silenced her by slamming a piece of paper onto the table, laminated of course. “Our marriage certificate!” she said with a smile. “Fully legal! We kept the marriage secret to abide by tradition! No one knew that Destro had a son, so Rikiya decided that we should do the same! Keep the number of people who know about our union, and child, to a minimum! This way in case he dies, or the MLA falls, his son is safe and sound, ready to keep the dream alive!”.

“Which, given that someone murdered my father,” Itsumi added, squeezing the stress ball tightly. “Was a very good idea”.

“And if that’s not enough to prove his legitimacy!” Stalingrad continued before she put a small folder on the table. “Photos of the wedding!” she put another folder on the table “Photos from the honeymoon!” another folder, this one larger than the other two. “Various photos we’ve taken together over the years!” another piece of paper. “Itsumi’s birth certificate!” another document. “His last will and testimony, signed of course!” twenty massive folders. “And Itsumi’s baby photos!”.

“Wait what!” Itsumi suddenly gasped, looking at the tower of folders with horror in his eyes. “MOM! I told you to leave those behind!”.

“What!” Stalingrad said with a smile. “You said that we needed every piece of evidence confirming your heritage! Are these not included in that?!”.

Itsumi groaned. First day in charge of the MLA and he was already being subjected to parental embarrassment! “Nobody look through-” he said, pointing at the pile of baby photos, only to see that Chitose had descended upon the collection of folders and certificates with a curiosity that gave her her codename. Baby photos included. “Damn it Curious”.

She just HAD to look through all of this, she had to! This was a peek into a side of Re-Destro’s life that he had kept secret. A secret son none of them knew about. Oh, the story she could make with this material. ‘Re-Destro’s hidden marriage to Europe's most wanted woman’. It’ll be on the front page! Of MLA exclusive newspapers of course. Couldn't allow any of this to become public, now could they? It’ll put both Stalingrad and Itsumi in danger. Especially Itsumi since he was Re-Destro’s son.

“Curious?” Lynx said, sounding annoyed.

“Yes,” Chitose said, looking up from the pile of folders. “Oh, right. These are genuine, by the way”.

There were gasps and hush whispers. Chitose had a knack for determining the difference between fake and genuine information. It would be disastrous for a reporter to use fake or inaccurate information. And since this was all genuine, then there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was Re-Destro's son.

“If any of you are still hesitant to believe that I’m truly who I say I am, then I am willing to allow you to test my DNA,” Itsumi added.

“That can be done easily,” Chitose said, still looking through the articles Stalingrad had provided them. There was just so much here!

Lynx meanwhile looked very annoyed by all this. “Alright, I accept that this boy might be Re-Destro’s son. But what’s your part in all this? What are you getting out of this?”.

“Nothing,” Stalingrad replied. “We’re just here to drop Jr here safe and sound! And violently murder anyone who tries to kill him! As well as those who killed my husband! We’ve got our own things to be worrying about back home! No need to add running you lot to it! You do your Meta liberation thing, we’ll do our thing, and we don’t get in each other's way! Easy as that! Just one warning. Harm my son, and your entire organisation will become food for my serpents”.

“Plus we already have minions of our own,” Loki added. “Well, when I say we have minions, I mean Stalingrad has minions. We just borrow them from time to time”.

“Or in Crymaria’s case, that one tank commander she-” Jack Frost remarked before he was slammed into, and I mean into, the floor by Crymaria. Her body surrounded by an aura of blue fire.

Loki sighed heavily. “You really need to stop teasing her about that”.

“Well someone has too!” Jack Frost said from within the floor. “Ever since you stopped doing it after she went all ‘puny god!’ on your arse!”.

“That was for something completely different, actually,” Crymaria corrected.

“Which I said sorry for,” Loki added. “After she repeatedly smashed me into the floor for an hour”.

“So yes!” Stalingrad continued. “We do not need the MLA or its soldiers! We already have our own troops!”.

“But, I don’t understand,” Lynx said, finding this confusing. Who wouldn’t want to run the MLA? “Why don’t you want us? I mean, surely together we can complete both our goals”.

“Rikiya and I had a special arrangement!” Stalingrad said. “An arrangement that is still in place! We were both busy with our own little revolutions, so we agreed to never aid or interfere with the others' operations! Only ever meeting in neutral places, thus limiting the chances of one of us interfering with the other's operations! The MLA was his, and the New Children of Stalin were mine”

“All those business trips abroad,” Chitose said.

“Were in fact meetups with me and his son!” Stalingrad replied. “Couldn’t really meet up in Japan or Russia! But yeah, we don’t get involved with each other's operations! Easier that way! But, I am willing to break that agreement if any of you harm my son!”.

“Which she will do, by the way,” Itsumi added. “As will the rest of them. They are kind of my uncles and auntie. So please, don’t give her a reason to do it. Because I do not want to have to rebuild the MLA from scratch”.

Chitose side-eyed Lynx, since she was the one who was most likely going to do something stupid. Which she did. By opening her mouth again. “You are aware that the MLA has over seventy-five thousand trained soldiers, right?”.

Chitose groaned. Why did that woman just have to keep opening her mouth? Also seventy-five thousand. Where did all those twenty-five thousand new recruits come from so suddenly?

“Yes, and I’m the biggest menace in recent European history!” Stalingrad said. “Not the biggest menace in European history sadly! I’ve yet to become as deadly as Genghis Khan! But then again, that man was built differently! I’ve killed a lot of very strong heroes in my time, stronger than the ones around here. Like-,” She looked to be deep in thought for a few seconds. “Who was that American arsehole I killed? Home-something? With the laser eyes, flight and super strength? Why can’t I remember his name?”.

“Well you were drunk at the time,” Jack Frost said, still in the floor.

“She’s always drunk,” Crymaria added. “She’s just, sometimes more drunk than others”.

“Eh, whatever!” Stalingrad said with a shrug. “I’ve killed so many arseholes that it’s hard to tell them apart! But yeah, I could cream the lot of you, no problem!”.

“Yeah, not to sound insulting and all, but, you lot aren’t all that impressive,” Loki added. “Your country's low crime rate hasn’t done its villain community any good. And yes, that crime rate is rising, but it’ll be a while before any dangerous villains pop up around here. Japanese heroes aren’t seen as that strong in comparison to foreign heroes, and it’s the same with villains. Low crime rate equals low-quality villains. Low-quality villains equal low-quality heroes. Barring a few special cases. And yes, we could help train you, but it’s not worth the time or effort when we already have well-trained minions who won't stab you in the back”.

And wasn’t that the painful truth? Yeah the MLA was making sure to keep their troops well trained, especially with their Meta abilities, but the truth is, it’s no substitute for practical, real-world experience. And they just didn’t have that. Villains keep getting taken down as quickly as they pop up, and the rare few who last longer than a few weeks only do so by staying in the shadows, never doing anything big like fighting several top heroes to a standstill. That just doesn't happen in Japan anymore. Everywhere else it’s like every other month. Some foreign heroes even have villain rivals. Something Japanese heroes don’t. Not even All Might had a villain rival.

Which was why she really didn’t want Lynx to antagonise these people. “Lynx, please stop antagonising them”.

“Please listen to her,” Itsumi added, squeezing his stress ball. “You're not making a great first impression and as previously stated, I do not want to rebuild the MLA from scratch”.

Lynx immediately backed down, probably realising that if she continued this, and that if Itsumi was proven to be Re-Destro’s descendent and his true successor, then she might lose her position if she kept this up. “My apologies”.

Chitose looked at her cautiously. That sounded forced

“Good,” Itsumi said with a smile. “Now then,” he said as he sat down. “About that DNA test. Oh, and don’t worry about my mother and her friends. They’ll only be around for a few days”.

“Damn it!” Lynx fumed as she barged into her office. “When the hell did Re-Destro get a son?” she asked before she slumped onto her chair.

The DNA test just came back, and damn it, the boy was indeed Re-Destro’s son. And oh how that messed up all her plans. Oh and his first order of business, find the people who killed his dad.

Not good for them at all!

There were two men in the room with her. They dressed the same save for the masks they wore. One wore the muse mask of the Muse of Tragedy, whilst the other wore the Muse of Comedy mask.

“Now what do we do?” Lynx wondered out loud. “Our plans went down the sh*tter, and Curious is still alive when she should be dead!”.

“Can’t we just blame Re-Destro’s death on her?” the man with the Muse of Comedy mask asked. “We were already planning to do that after all”.

“Wouldn’t work, not now anyway,” the man wearing the Muse of Tragedy mask replied, shaking his head. “She’s managed to push suspicion away from her. By not placing herself in the running to be the next commander she makes herself less suspicious. We’ll need hard evidence to convict her of Re-Destro’s death now. Not to mention, even if we did blame it on her and fabricate all the evidence, we’re still left with one big problem”.

Lynx grunted. “We're not the ones who killed Re-Destro,” she said before she slammed a fist against the desk. “Damn it! Everything was going perfectly! We were in position to strike! Our people were ready to take over! And then what happens? Someone else kills him! I can’t believe our plan is falling apart because someone else killed Re-Destro!”.

She couldn’t believe this! All that planning, years worth at that too! All that preparation! Everyone was in position, ready to kill Re-Destro and everyone else they needed to remove! But then everything was thrown out of whack when someone else beat them to it! As a result, they panicked. Most of them didn’t know what was going on or what to do. Most didn’t do anything, waiting for instructions. Only a few went off to kill their targets, and whilst they were successful, some of them took a few days to track down and kill their targets, which put everything into jeopardy. And now the apparent existence of Re-Destro’s son ruined everything! How the hell was he able to hide having a child from the entire MLA? Damn it. Once it became public knowledge (for the MLA anyway) their chance of taking over would be zero. Especially when he has this League of Ice at his beck and call, with one of them being his mother!

How could they have not known about that? They had some of the best intelligence operatives working for them! How could he have kept this hidden from them? If Re-Destro had a child they should have known about it! “With this son around, we can’t take over since Re-Destro has a legitimate heir to succeed him!”.

“And we can’t kill him without bringing down the wrath of Stalingrad upon us,” Tragedy added. “I’m shocked you didn’t know who she was”.

“I don’t pay attention to foreign villains,” Lynx said. “Which is something I’m going to have to change now that we have the son of one as our new leader. How the hell did we miss Re-Destro having a son?” she shook her head. “Alright, first things first, we need to find a way to kill the boy in such a way that won't bring his mother down on us”.

“Why can’t we ask our benefactor for help?” Comedy asked.

“We can’t,” Tragedy replied. “Last we heard he’s out of action and unable to assist us. Not that he would anyway. We’re on our own”.

“We’ll need a third-party group to do it,” Lynx said. “Someone who won't be tracked back to us no matter what happens. The League of Ice will also need to be dealt with, but with All Might retired, getting him to deal with them will be impossible. We’ll need them out of the way as well. Curious should be easy to remove, just find the people who killed Re-Destro and find a way to implicate her. Once they're all dead,” she smiled. “The MLA will be truly ours to rule”.

My Hero Academia: Mechanical green - Chapter 141 - META2012 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia (2024)
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