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479 I have the protagonist's Halo?

“You're Zhao Dabao?”

Tang Zhen looked at the young man in front of him as the corner of his mouth carried a trace of a faint smile.

Tang Zhen's gently trembling fingers proved that he was in a very good mood.

Even though Zhao Dabao was just an ordinary person, he represented a great significance and could not be underestimated.

This was because Tang Zhen's Soul transmission experiment had finally taken the most crucial step following his appearance.

After this step, there would be no more difficulties in the soul Plane transmission experiment!

In fact, Zhao Dabao's appearance was beyond Tang Zhen's expectations. When he first heard the news, Tang Zhen thought that his subordinates had made a mistake.

However, that extremely unique body that had been carefully cultivated by the mother tree was enough to prove everything!

After a careful inspection, there was no longer any doubt in Tang Zhen's heart. What was left was only a strong surprise.

Ever since the soul transmission experiment was launched, Tang Zhen had invested a lot of blood, sweat, and materials into it. Countless plans were formulated with it as the core.

If the experiment did not succeed, then all the investment would be for naught.

However, Tang Zhen had always firmly believed that he would succeed. Therefore, he would spare no effort in doing this.

The distance between the original world and the loucheng world was unknown, and the success rate of this kind of luck-based detection and positioning was really low.

However, Tang Zhen had no choice but to do this because he had no other choice.

Originally, Tang Zhen was already prepared to wait bitterly for over ten years. However, pleasant surprises would always suddenly descend upon him without him noticing.

From today onwards, all the plans would officially begin. Holy Dragon City would also officially begin its steps to conquer the world of loucheng!

Tang Zhen had been waiting for this day for a long time.

After advancing to the king level, Tang Zhen's aura had become even more terrifying. His joy and anger had gradually disappeared from his face, and it was difficult for outsiders to see his true thoughts.

Even though he was extremely excited, he didn't show any of it.

Zhao Dabao took a deep breath and quickly replied, ” “City Lord, I'm Zhao Dabao!”

Tang Zhen nodded his head. He picked up a crystal clear fruit from the table and threw it to the Restless Zhao Dabao.

have a taste. This is a special fruit from the non-human race. After being picked for several years, it is still very sweet!

The fruit floated up from Tang Zhen's hand as if it was being held by a pair of invisible hands and directly fell into Zhao Dabao's hands.

thank you, Wanwan, thank you, city Lord!

Zhao Dabao was dumbfounded as he looked at the fruit that landed in his hand. He secretly swallowed his saliva and quickly thanked Tang Zhen.

The means of this city Lord had already exceeded the scope of ordinary people. He was simply like a god.

Seeing that Zhao Dabao's nervous mood had eased a lot, Tang Zhen chuckled and sat on a chair at the side.

“Zhao Dabao, where are you from?”

When Zhao Dabao, who was observing the fruit in his hand, heard this, his heart trembled.

On his forehead, a thin layer of cold sweat suddenly appeared, and his body was also slightly trembling.

At that moment, Zhao Dabao constantly warned himself not to reveal his true background. Otherwise, he might be killed.

After all, his soul did not belong here. To these natives, he was a guest from an unknown world!

Since that was the case, let the memories of the original world be buried in the bottom of his heart forever!

After making a decision in his heart, Zhao Dabao immediately raised his head and said to Tang Zhen,”City Lord, I'm actually a Wanderer. I don't know where I'm from!”

At this moment, his expression was extremely sincere, like an obedient baby, making it impossible for people to doubt that he was lying.

It had to be said that this guy's acting skills were very good. If it was an ordinary person, they might have believed his nonsense.

However, the problem was that not only did Tang Zhen know where he came from, but he also knew how he came. Therefore, his nonsense could not deceive Tang Zhen at all.

Tang Zhen was stunned when he heard this. After pondering for a moment, he raised his head to look at Zhao Dabao and a faint smile appeared on his face.

The fellow in front of him was not as honest as he looked.

Seeing Zhao Dabao's sincere and innocent expression, Tang Zhen suddenly felt a trace of evil interest in his heart as his eyes narrowed.

Softly sighing, Tang Zhen walked in front of Zhao Dabao with an extremely solemn expression on his face.

young man, you might not know this, but the Holy Dragon City is currently facing an incomparably huge crisis!

“I observed the sky at night and knew that a genius would descend to help Holy Dragon City tide over this crisis!”

“Now it seems that the genius must be you!”

Tang Zhen gently patted Zhao Dabao's shoulder and continued, I can see that your bones are strange and your temperament is extraordinary. You must be a talent that can change the world, so the task of saving Holy Dragon City will be handed to you!

When Zhao Dabao heard this, he immediately revealed an excited expression and his heart beat wildly.

A voice roared in his mind.'Am I born to be the main character? the moment I transmigrated to the game world, I met an old man who gave me money, cultivation techniques, and equipment?'

Although the other party wasn't an old grandpa, but a city Lord Lou, the logic was the same!

Zhao Dabao nodded his head furiously and patted his chest.

don't worry, city Lord. If you have any missions, just give them to me. I, Zhao Dabao, will definitely not disappoint you!

As he spoke, Zhao Dabao's eyes stared straight at Tang Zhen, waiting for him to give him the best novice equipment.

“Good, you really didn't let me down!”

Tang Zhen “excitedly” praised as he continued, then, I'll teach you a super cultivation technique called star destruction art. It has a total of 81 levels. Once you successfully cultivate it, you'll be able to cross the void and shatter stars!

When Zhao Dabao heard this, his eyes immediately began to glow with stars. He began to fantasize about having a rare talent that only appeared once in ten thousand years. His cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds, and he would be able to shock the jaws of those passersby.

other than the cultivation technique, I'll also give you a set of top-grade equipment. It's ranked first among the top ten divine weapons in the world of loucheng, and it's extremely powerful!

The light in Zhao Dabao's eyes grew brighter as he imagined himself wearing the best equipment and slapping people across the face.

Unknowingly, a drop of saliva dripped from the corner of Zhao Dabao's mouth.

Tang Zhen held back the smile in his heart and continued to use an expectant and encouraging tone,”Other than these items, I will give you a top quality pet, and a super beautiful expert as your guard, as well as 10000000 brain pearls!”

When Zhao Dabao heard the contents of Tang Zhen's words, his mouth was wide open and his entire person was about to turn silly from laughing!

His mind was already filled with fantasies, and he was so high that he was flipping over.

At this moment, Tang Zhen gently patted his shoulder. A demonic voice was transmitted into his ears,”But before that, you have to tell me where you live.”

Zhao Dabao, who had gotten carried away, subconsciously replied, ” “I live in no. 85, Yunshui village, Qifeng city.”

When he said this, Zhao Dabao suddenly quivered. He subconsciously shut his mouth and nervously raised his head to look at Tang Zhen.

At this moment, Tang Zhen was staring at him. He extended his finger and tapped twice in the air, revealing an expression that was not a smile.

Seeing the trace of ridicule on the corner of Tang Zhen's mouth, Zhao Dabao suddenly had a feeling that he seemed to have missed out on something.

Just as he was about to ask, he saw Tang Zhen turn around and walk out of the hall. After which, he softly left behind a sentence.

“Young man, welcome to the novice village!”

Chapter end


I Have A City In An Alternate World Chapter 479 - Novel Cool (2024)
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