Hoi4 Tank Builds: Best Meta Templates 2023 (2024)

Dozens of different fronts, great wars, and bloody conflicts are an indispensable part of Hoi4. Strong troops are needed to conquer and fully seize the territory of an enemy state. For this reason, we wanted to prepare a Hoi4 tank builds guide.

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Wouldn’t you like your army to have an additional strong and steel fist to the “Infantry” troops? The flamethrowing support tanks, tank destroyers, mechanized vehicles, and super-technology heavy tanks that we will recommend to you will almost shatter the enemy lines. Of course, we will not only talk about our Hoi4 tank builds ideas. We will also talk about important details such as doctrines and tank design. If you’re ready, let’s start.

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Land Doctrine: Which to Use?

When playing with Hoi4 Fascist USA or any country you want, it is vital to do doctrine research before preparing for war. You always have to design the operation plan you have prepared to invade a country according to the structure of your army. Assuming you have a division of mostly armored and fast troops, we think the best doctrine is “Blitzkrieg”.

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Because speed is everything in an army with armored units. If the speed of your army slows down, fuel consumption and supply problems will start to trouble you. Therefore, the doctrine that we can advance the fastest in enemy territory is “Armored Spearhead” and “Schwerpunkt”. If you look at the feature of these two, you can see that it gives your army a significant amount of “+” organizational power. If you manage to do the research with the “Modern Blitzkrieg” in the sequel, your army will literally turn into a war machine.

Hoi4 Tank Design

The most important point you pay attention to when designing a tank in the game is its ease of production and cheapness. Of course, you shouldn’t produce the most vulnerable tank in the game just because you’re going to design something cheaply. That’s why you need to put together the best possible components.

As someone who has been playing Hoi4 since it first came out, I take care not to use too much “Light Tank”. In general, I used “Medium Tanks” at the beginning and middle of the war, but towards the end of 1942 and after, I take care to use “Heavy Tank”. Therefore, in the image I will show you below, you will see the design of a basic medium tank.

Medium Tank Desing

As you can see, we did not use a very powerful cannon and radio in this design. At the same time, we tried to keep the Engine at “8” and Armor at a fairly low level of “3”. Especially if you are just at the beginning of the game, this tank design will be enough for you.

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As the game progresses and the date approaches 1939, we are now transitioning to a slightly more powerful tank design. We aim to produce a more advanced “Medium Tank” by increasing the Engine, Cannons, and Radio. You can also see that we have increased the Engine by +15 as an extra. As we mentioned at the beginning of our guide, speed is everything for an army of armored units. For this reason, we gave great importance to the engine of our tank.

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Medium Flame Tank (Support)

A must for our army is Flame Tanks, which are armored and will support our Infantry units. We don’t have much to talk about. You can use the design below as it is very easy to manufacture anyway.

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Heavy Tank

As the years pass by and the conditions of war get heavy, it’s time to put deadly machines on the scene. You will need a super heavy tank, especially when the dates show 1942. Again, as you can see in the picture below while adding a level 2 cannon to our heavy tank, we are creating a terminator with additional three “small cannons”. In addition to all this, we tried to maintain our speed by increasing the Engine to +17.

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However, since the production cost is a bit expensive, it will take a lot of time to start mass production. With this in mind, we recommend that you prepare for battle.

Medium Tank Destroyer

It should not be forgotten that you are not the only state that has filled its armies with armored units. Your enemies will face you with a unit of powerful tanks and armored vehicles just like you. If you want to prevail against this type of army, you will need a Tank Destroyer with intense firepower.

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Best Hoi4 Tank Builds: Medium

Now we can start talking about our main topic, Hoi4 Tank builds. If you understand all the doctrines and tank design issues, now all you have to do is move on to army production.

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As you can see in the first picture, we created an armored unit with medium tanks and mechanize vehicles in abundance. In particular, we took care to use Engine Company, Aircraft Savar, and Medium Flame Tank in support units. In this way, we have significantly increased the defense of our unit along with its offensive power.

Heavy Tank Build

Now we want to talk about a build that is strong enough to change the fate of the war. It’s time to support this army, which consists almost entirely of heavy tanks, with Anti-Aircraft and Mechanized infantry vehicles. At the same time, we will be able to move extremely fast in any geography with the Radio, Engine Company and Motorized Scouts. Whether you’re in the deserts of North Africa or the icy lands of the Soviet Union, your army will be able to advance at full speed to its target.

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However, since creating such an army would be very costly, you will need to protect your economy and your factories extremely well. That’s all for now, see you in the next Hoi4 article.


What are tank builds in HOI4?

Tank builds refer to the composition and design of armored divisions, combining tanks with support units for optimal performance.

How do I create an effective tank build in HOI4?

Consider factors like division width, armor-piercing capabilities, breakthrough, hardness, and support companies for a well-rounded setup.

Which tank variants are recommended for tank builds in HOI4?

Medium tanks and heavy tanks are popular choices due to their superior combat abilities, but it ultimately depends on your resources and research.

What support companies should I include in my tank divisions in HOI4?

Support artillery, engineers, recon, maintenance, and signal companies are commonly used to enhance tank division capabilities.

Are there specific tank doctrines I should focus on in HOI4?

Mobile Warfare and Superior Firepower are popular tank-focused doctrines, offering bonuses to speed, breakthrough, and armor.

Hoi4 Tank Builds: Best Meta Templates 2023 (2024)


Hoi4 Tank Builds: Best Meta Templates 2023? ›

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Thus, as a general rule, 20-width divisions are better at defense, and 40-width are better at attack. Composition will make or break this, of course, but having a breakthrough army of large divisions and several of standard-size for holding the actual line is a solid general rule.

How to add artillery in HoI4? ›

The 'add_equipment' or 'ae' command can be used with these codes . An example is: /ae 1000 artillery_equipment_1 - using this command would add 1000 Towed Artillery. You may first need to unlock equipment before using it.

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