Creative, spooky and inspiring

Every now and then we come across some great ideas, of which we then save in our memory banks hoping to someday use a piece of someones inspiration…This Halloween I thought I would gather up some of the most creative and gooly materials for your inspiration.

Don’t just throw a party, get creative!

This Halloween Survival Kit invite is fabulous! Complete with wooden stake, silver bullet, holy water, mirror, and matches. Source: A Brooklyn Limestone in Progress

Spoktacular gravestone invitations with some texture and imagination.
Source: Skip to My Lou

I don’t know about you, but we were kids who thought the Ouija Board was the scariest thing out there…well someone created an invite and I love it.

Source: Chica and Jo

Start your creepy theme with a severed finger invite–yikes….
Source:Martha Stewart


Specimen bottle invites, let your imagination run wild…
Source: Martha Stewart.

Movable, jointed skeleton invites.
Source: Martha Stewart.

All in the details – simple and easy to make…but fun and different.
Source: Parents magazine

I love this idea for a Zombie Prom party or a Dead Bride!
Source: halloween forum.

High fashion with flair. Source: Paper Crave.

Certainly pretty makes the cut now and again, even on halloween.
Source: Craft

Even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can find some pretty cool pre-printed invites out there too.
Source: Shindigz

Source: 4HalloweenCoffins

Sometimes found items can be a great start for some really cool stuff, so check out everything from candy eyeballs to glow in the dark teeth at Oriental Trading Company and start having some fun.
Source: Oriental Trading Company

These X-Ray invites are from an old blog post, but worth mention for sure…
Source: Haunt Style.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens blog

And for the video talented (you know who you are)
create one of these really scary, jump out of your seat invites. a great way to send a digital invite.


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