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QR Tag – What is it?

Let’s talk about “NEW” technology..

Most have never even heard of a QR TAG or QR Code, but it is growing at staggering rates and my guess is this is the next Twitter.

The QR-Ad, a new way of banner advertising
The QR-Ad is a new way of banner advertising, that addresses at the same time a web and a mobile audience. The results of our research show a significant increase of engagement.

The QR-Ad uses the banner format in two ways
a) as a normal banner to click, to go to a web destination page
b) as a support for a QR Code which can be scanned with a mobile phone equipped with a QR Code scanner.

It is really pretty straight forward, you can convert any url into an image which is then scanned by a smartphone. That smartphone will have to install the QR reader (just search applications for QR Reader). Now you will notice new QR tags everywhere, magazine ads, bus stops, tv, web and so on. You simply hold your phone up to the image, it reads the code and transfers you to the url, text or phone message…

Let’s show you how it is done, I created this one by going to and typed in the address of my website.

If you scan it with your smart phone it will take you to my website. I could also do one for my phone number or text message etc…

This is a great way to interact wtih consumers, tell them more, direct them to a point of sale online, etc…
Learn more by vising the links below. Let us know how you use QR Codes, or let us help you find a way to incorporate them into your advertising.

5 interesting ways to use QR Codes

QR codes. What they are, and how they can help sell houses

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Marketing tips from a measuring cup

I love when we come across good video like this, a real inspiration. Alex Lee shows some great examples here of people who really looked at things and improved them, even when people may not have seen a need for improvement, they accepted the product as it was, It did the job and there was no further thought put to it…expect for a few truly inventive people!

Product developers everywhere could learn a lesson from OXO’s angled measuring cup (shown at right), which was born out of some very simple, very smart research.measuring-cup.png

In the video below, the president of OXO International, Alex Lee, tells about how his researchers observed ordinary consumers using their (non-angled) measuring cups. Users would fill up the cup part way, then bend over to check the level – then fill some more, then bend over again to check the level. This pointed the way for OXO’s innovation: showing the amount-markings at an angle, so users can easily read the amount as they fill the cup.

But here’s the thing about the research: customers never said they wanted an angled measuring cup. In fact, users weren’t even aware that there was a problem to be solved. Consumers didn’t say, “I wish I could read the markings more easily.” They muddled through without complaint. And yet the innovation came directly from observing customers. How?

Simply by observing the customer experience. The job of any product developer, any innovator, is to identify an unmet need – a pain point – a market opportunity – and the best way of doing that is by observing customers. Which means their actual real-world behavior – what they do, not what they say they do. This reveals the genuine customer experience.

Good research like this doesn’t ask customers leading questions, and it doesn’t have to ask customers to design a solution. It simply requires watching and listening. Once you observe that “customers seem to spend a lot of extra energy to read the amount,” the stage is set for the solution.

resource :

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“Will you create a poster for me for my missing cat?”

Ok, try and get by the header and ads on the side of this blog, cause this one is worth reading. Not sure if it is a true story as they say, but this is a conversation between a secretary and a graphic designer about putting together a poster for her missing cat! You gotta read it!

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Great SM case studies – Talk about inspiration

Feeling stuck, not sure how you can use Social media for your business? Check out these great case studies that show their success in using Social media to boost sales, traffic and fans.

5 Small Business Social Media Success Stories

A salon, bookstore, personal coach, bakery and a retail shop share their SM strategy and success stories. Great inspiration.

26 Social Media Marketing Examples In DepthLisa Braziel is writing a series of posts taking an in depth look at 26 of Peter Kim’s social media marketing examples including Animal Planet, Clorox, Exxon Mobil, Delmonte Foods, and Best Western.

Non-profits that Tweet

From Beth Kanter: Great roundup that includes list and examples of non-profits on twitter. Includes links to several different aggregated listings of non-profit Twitter pages. Includes link to Mashable’s rundown of 26 Charities and Non-profits Who Tweet.

3 Social Media Lessons From the Restaurant World

GovTwit Directory

Drectory of government agencies using Twitter with the goal of including all facets of government on Twitter: state and local, federal, contractors, reporters, academics, judicial branch and more. The list will be a living list and will be kept updated via BearingPoint’s own research, as well as submissions from site readers.

Terrific set of case studies of social media in federal, state and local governments. The Collaboration Project is an independent forum of leaders committed to leveraging web 2.0 and the benefits of collaborative technology to solve government’s complex problems.

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The 100 most creative people 2010

Fast Company lists everyone from Google to Gaga, in their 2010 – 100 Most Creative People in Business. Many stood out but I wanted to highlight this 14 year old prodigy. Yup 14 and she has over 54,000 people reading what she writes – EVERY DAY! This blogger started at 11, she has been steadily increasing her following for the last 3 years. How you might ask?

“I try to make everything creative because it’s stimulating,” she says. “There is this great Stanley Kubrick quote somewhere about how life is sort of bad and how creating is important because it lets a little light in. Do stop me before I sound too much like one of Annie Hall’s ex-boyfriends.”


To ck out this young blogger

Web Site

Twitter tavitulle

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Facebook to big to ignore

I hear it all the time, do I really need to be on facebook. I want that to be for friends, not for business, I hate when I get bombarded with business while I am enjoying my “personal” time.

The answer is clear – YES you do and here is why!

Facebook is simply too big, with people spending on average 7 hours per month on facebook you can not ignore the opportunity to capture their attention. You can be sensitive about how you attract that attention, offer menu specials if you are a restaurant, offer coupons if you are a retail outlet, offer tips and trick if you are a service oriented business. But remind people you are around and that you have something they can use!

7 things you can do to utilize Facebook to market your business.

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Verizon – failed at communications

The entire state of Colorado and Wyoming Verizon customers had no cell service. This can happen, we all know that mother nature can cause havoc and perhaps the wind storm took down the giant? Or not…, by what you see from online customer chatter it was an issue with a switch in Denver? The ironic thing is, VERIZON is synonyms for COMMUNICATION, and clearly Verizon did not communicate an ounce to their customers. They send out emails on a monthly basis about new phones etc, so we know they have customer email database, but did they send out an alert to customers of the down service? NOPE….Did they send a notice via Twitter?, nope again. But they did post that they recycle 23 million pounds of material as yesterday was Earth Day afterall – go Verizon…How bout to their over 8oo thousand fans on Facebook? Nope again, but they asked what your favorite music is…and many pages of F/B fans were talking, or growling about the down time right on the Verizon F/B page.

So why did the Communication Giant not take advantage of the tools they have available? Such an easy two minute post to reach thousands of customers. Customers today expect it. They want to know that the Company knows there is a problem and they are working on it. That little message (140 characters is all it takes) can play a huge part in how customers respond. Most of us in our nature, give everyone a little slack, we understand that things come up, but we are all more forgiving if the message is communicated.

Next time, Verizon, just reach out with a Tweet, a post and email to your loyal customers. Something simple perhaps: “Colorado Customers, we feel your pain….the blah blah blah caused us to go down, we expect return in ## hrs/days.” That is all, there really is no excuse for Companies – especially of this caliper to not communicate with it’s consumers, you have to believe they have a Social Media department or at least a person to monitor and communicate…But maybe they didn’t get the message either, took the day off since they had no cell service?

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AND Our Winner Is…

Amber Rich!  Yeah…we look forward to seeing the results of your photo shoot!

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Snap! Here’s your chance to win a FREE photo session for your family or business – with renowned Grand Junction photographer Catherine Mayer

Why? Because we believe a photo really is worth a thousand words – as trite as it sounds.

Recently Catherine Mayer took some portraits of our family, and we love them. She’s a truly gifted photographer, as you can see here.  At MGC, we also hooked her up with the Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce to photograph some local business leaders for the new Chamber Membership Directory.  Now we’d like to share Catherine’s talents by giving you the chance to win a free session with her. But first we want to see a fun photo from YOU. Don’t worry, we’re not looking for professional shots. Just send us one of your favorite pics – crazy, creative, whatever. Something you like. That makes you eligible for the prize drawing!

All you need to do is:

1) Become a Monument Graphics Facebook Fan.

2) Email us one funny, silly, or creative photo of your family or business before Thursday, February 25.  (We’ll post the photo submissions here, so check back soon.)

That’s it – then you’re automatically entered in the drawing!

Here’s what’s included in the Catherine Mayer Photography Prize:

  • One 2-hour family OR commercial photography session in the Grand Junction area
  • One 11″ x 14″
  • One 8” x 10”
  • Two 5” x 7”
  • OR  five full-resolution digital files (instead of the three finished photos above)

This prize is valued at $500!

We’ll be announcing the lucky winner on February 25, 2010 – on our Facebook page and also right here in our MGC blog.
Hurry, send us your photo – that winner might be YOU!

Check out some of the fun pics people are sending us – don’t fear….not all are posted, due to slow viewing speed we had to limit to just a random selection.

Thanks to all who sent photos, we had over 20 submissions :)

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